The New Trending UV Lipsticks

There are lot of makeup trends that are picking up from the recent times and then there are some makeup trends that are creating waves with its novelty element. We were hoodwinked to the clear lip gloss balms that were introduced in the markets earlier this month and we thought there could be nothing that could top that innovation. But another popular trend of the early 2010s is making its mark around this time all over again. These are the UV lipsticks or bright neon-tinted lipsticks that glow in the dark.

Glows in the dark? Yes, you heard it right!

What is a UV Lipstick?

A UV lipsticks or glow in the dark lipsticks are neon pigmented lipsticks that glow under the black light or in the dark giving the wearer a vivid colour. They work under the principle of radium for the sake of generalisation and shine bright when subjected to low light or no light at all.

During the daytime, the lipstick shines normally like any other pigmented lip colour but in the dark or under the introduction of a black light, it will get its fluorescence on and shine bright typically in a neon-ish shade.

Where to wear the UV Lipstick?

Think Coachella and Tomorrowland and any other prominent music festivals! With most of the fun and music happening at Coachella and Tomorrowland after sunset, there is a surge in the demand for accessories that glow in the dark. Be it neon bracelets, neon-tinted head bands and necklaces and even fluorescent tinted clothes and belts. On the same lines, these glow in the dark lipsticks have hit the jackpot and struck a chord with the music loving fans at these festivals.

If you are the one who stands out in a crowd with your eccentric and vibrant personality, make sure you also get noticed in the night as the sun goes down. These UV lipsticks will set you apart in a crowd and get you noticed before anyone else.

Popularity of the UV Lipstick

Contrary to popular belief, the UV lipsticks are a hit among a lot of people not just the concert goers and the party mongers. As these lipsticks come in bright happy colours, they can be used on a daily basis when you are out and about in the day. The formulae of these lipsticks are often very rich and creamy. The reason behind the formula of these lipsticks being such is that if it is creamier than the regular lipstick, it will provide easy application and fuller coverage. The only downside to these lipsticks are that they tend to get very dry after application and they may need to re-applied properly if you want to avoid chapped and dry lips. The one solution to this problem can be to moisturise your lips to the full with a nice hydrating lip balm a half hour before application after which you can wear the lipstick to its full consistency.

Get funky with the UV Lipstick

If you are the adventurous type and do not mind drawing a little more attention to yourself than you are already getting, then use a little product from your lipstick as an eye-shadow for a complete glow in the dark makeup. You can also use your lipstick as a pencil or a marker to paint out interesting names or tattoos over your skin. When it starts to get dark, the interesting patterns that you have drawn on yourself will shine bright and glows like a flamed torch.

Fun Of UV

A penny for your thought: If you are making a list of your favorite things that glow in the dark, make sure to add a UV lipstick or glow in the dark lipstick even before you write fireflies. These lipsticks are also very light on the pocket so head out and get yourself a pair of these amazing lip colours! You will never stay out of the limelight.


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