Easter is a happy day and gives everyone a reason to celebrate. After all, this day signifies the resurrection of Christ and is therefore considered to be an occasion to make merry and enjoy. Traditional morning mass, Easter goodies and special dishes and the Easter egg hunt are all part of the festivities.

With this important day just round the corner, you might be wondering about what you would wear for the festivities and what kind of makeup to apply. Well, the best idea would be to dress up in something that reflects the mood of Easter and helps you gel in with the essence of the festival.

Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to decide your wardrobe and makeup for the day.

Dressing up for Church

Whether you are a religious type or not, this is one day when you just can’t miss going to the church. What you need is to dress up elegantly with some chic thrown in. The best bet would be to wear something in white. A little white dress with some embroidery would be a great idea. Match this with some pearls and lighter shades for your makeup. You can opt for the nude look or pastels for your lips. Stick to the traditional black colors for your eyes. You can go ahead and experiment with your nails. Get some funky nail art done which would be in total contrast with your clothes but would still be at par with the festivities.

Get Going for the Parade

In case you plan to attend an Easter parade or any other day time party, go ahead and experiment with some cool spring colors. Pastels, pink, light green or light blue are all fine for the season. When it comes to fabric, lace is definitely the best bet, what with spring making its presence felt. You can apply a darker shade to your lips. However, the no makeup look would work fine as well. Add in some chunky matching jewelry pieces to complete your look. Don’t forget to wear a beautiful bonnet or hat as you step out in the sun. You can decorate your hat with some colorful ribbons and other accessories for a fun look.

Setting off for the Easter egg Hunt

Kids love to go looking for Easter eggs. However, they may need your assistance in doing so. Also, if you have invited other kids too, you would definitely need to be on your toes throughout the game. It would be a good idea to dress up in something more comfortable for this hunting down of eggs. Wearing a polka dotted dress or skirt would be great. After all, one of the most common ways of adorning Easter eggs is with colorful polka dots. Wear flat heeled shoes to make it easier for you to cruise along your children. Coloring your nails with the polka dot theme would also capture the essence of the festivities.

Family’s Day Out

Easter is the time when you look forward to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. So, if you have planned a day out with your family, opt for floral prints for your clothes. Match these with matching sandals or shoes. Avoiding stilettos would be a good idea.

If you really want to be adventurous and add to the fun, you can always dress up in Easter bunny clothes. In case this seems a tad too much for you, get some Easter bunny ears from the stores for an added fun statement.


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