20 beauty tips every woman should know

Apply eye cream on the cuticles, use egg white for manicures, antihistamines dry out the skin, sulfate shampoos damage the skin …

I think one of the things that women like the most are beauty tips or secrets. My favorites are homemade or natural. I must confess that I have never applied any at home but it is always good to know. 


1. Use an exfoliate to get rid of dead skin, but limit yourself to 2-3 times a week so you don’t dry out your skin.
2. For fair skin, look for a cleanser with salicylic acid.
3. Antihistamines for allergies dry out the skin so during allergy season, skip foundation and replace it with a tinted moisturizer.
4. Use a pumice stone on your feet after you shower to remove calluses.
5. The best minute to apply creams is after you shower because your skin is clean and “oil-free”.


6. There should always be two fingers distance from the nose to where the blush begins.
7. “Balance your makeup. If you’re highlighting glossy eyes, use matte lips. ”Raychel Wade, Chic Founder and La Prairie Color Ambassador.
8. Use white eyeliner to make the eyes appear less red.
9. To make her cheekbones stand out more, use the bronzing powder under the cheekbone and the marker on the actual cheekbone.
10. When using a cream product, be sure to “close up” the makeup by using translucent powder over it.
eleven. When shopping for organic beauty products, be sure to check if they are indeed FDA certified organic.


12. Carrot is excellent for hair. Include this vegetable in your diet.
13. To make your curls last longer, you should do them when your hair is completely dry before starting with the curling iron.
14. The healthier, the healthier your hair is! Take a daily multivitamin with biotin to help you grow hair.
15. Brush your curlers with your fingers to give your hair a more tousled look.
16. Winter can be especially damaging to hair, leaving it particularly dry. Eugene Davis, celebrity hair stylist, suggests using a hair oil mask on hair.
17.Choose a sulfate-free shampoo, because they can be very harsh on the hair and can dry out the hair cuticle.
18. To prevent hair color from fading during the summer, use a conditioning treatment every week or every two months.


19. To make your manicure last longer, apply a thin layer of whites every two days.
20. Apply eye cream to cuticles.


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