5 Ways To Choose The Best Car Insurance For You!

The Best Car Insurance For You!

Choosing your Car Insurance or Auto Insurance can be quite a task especially when you don’t really know much about insurances and what they entail. This is why I have simplified it for you so that you can find it easier to figure things out for yourself. Think of it as a ‘Girl with the Green Scarf’ column (from the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’) – easy to understand and yet, very informative!

Why Do You Need Auto Insurance

1. Accidents

Automobile insurance is mostly helpful for the times when you may meet with an accident. Now, I know you’re probably thinking “I’m never going to hit anyone so why do I need car insurance?” Well, while you may be an excellent driver someone else may not be as good as you, or may even be a little careless and hit your vehicle. At that moment, your automobile insurance will be the one thing that you will be thanking the heavens for!

2. Natural And Man-Made Mishaps

Once again, it need not be your fault but, we don’t exactly have control over nature and things like theft, fire, riots and terrorism strikes. In cases like these, your auto insurance is there to help you get through!

3. Third Party Liability Coverage

Hear me out on this! Now suppose you hit someone and you can’t afford to pay for the damage caused. Here is where your car insurance groups like Progressive car  are going to step in and save the day!

How To Choose Your Insurance

With the various types of insurance quotes available it can be more than confusing trying to figure out which insurance quote to opt for. While you probably think that choose the cheapest auto insurance or a discount auto insurance is the best option, it may not be the case! A cheap car insurance quote will be easy on your wallet now but, does it have the necessary points that you are looking for?

While other places might urge you to opt for a specific car insurance plan I’m going to advise you on how to choose a car insurance quote the right way, with these few points:

  1. There are different coverages that you can choose from. Make sure you opt for the right type of coverage – one that has your back when you need it the most.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use a comparison tool to compare different low-cost insurance quotes online.
  3. To be on the safe side, do some research and find out what you can about the dealer before you make up your mind. In my experience, the dealer with the highest reviews is the best way to go!
  4. Chose a discount auto insurance or cheap auto insurance only if you find that the insurance quote is up to your standard.
  5. It does matter what type of vehicle you purchase. Check the collision rate of the vehicle to see if it can withstand low, medium and high impacts. Based on this you will know what type of car insurance you need to opt for.
  6. Few Things To Keep In Mind

Car insurance policies and Auto insurance policies do not cover these sectors:

  1. Impacts due to you being intoxicated – drunk or high on drugs.
  2. Damaged caused when the driver does not have a license.
  3. Damage due to oil leakage.
  4. You cannot claim insurance without you getting your car insured!
  5. Regular wear and tear of the manufactured parts.

Choosing your car insurance policy is not actually that hard. Just keep these few points in mind while looking at your various options. And, remember that it is completely alright for you to want to get a second opinion about insurance quotes from friends and family!


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