How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

As professional long distance moving specialists say -no matter how many pairs of shoes you have, all should be packed very safe and secure. Interested in how to pack your shoes when moving? This guide provides thorough information on anything you need to know about packing shoes – from the process of wrapping them with paper to details on how they should be placed inside your bags without damaging or scuffing them.

How to Pack Boots in a Suitcase

Clean your boots carefully before packing

Never leave dirty shoes. They will be mixed with your clothes and no matter how well you’ve packed them, there is still a chance of destroying your recently washed clothes. Washed shoes are easiest for transportation as they don’t have an odor as well. This means the rest of the items in your boxes will not get any unpleasant smell.

Stuff Your Boots With Other Items

It’s simply a clever move. Fill them with anything: socks, underwear, small electronic devices or anything else that will fit in. Leave no empty space.

Place important pairs of boots on top

If you’re planning to use your boots soon after relocation, don’t put them in the bottom of your boxes. Instead, leave them on top so you can easily take them out when needed. 

How to Pack Heels


If you have heels that match only with an item of particular clothing you can pack them together and successfully forget until unpacking. Take pairs of shoes which fit with a bigger range of clothing, pack and place them on top.

Stuff you heels

Similar to the suggestion given above about packing boots. Although heels can’t hold that many items as boots, it’s still a good idea to use the space inside the shoe as a storage. Tall boots with heels are the perfect shoe for stuffing with jewelry, batteries and anything else you may possibly need while moving. Make sure that clothing is placed firmly around the boots. This ensures protection to both – the items inside and the boots.

  • Stuff your heels with packing paper to prevent scuffing.
  • Wrap the heels with packing paper entirely.
  • Use tape to fix the ends of the paper.
  • Place the shoes in the box and put packing paper on top to avoid pressure on top.
  • Tape and label the box.

How to pack sneakers

Start by cleaning your sneakers. If your sneakers are made of nylon, leather or synthetic material, use a soft fabric to clean them. Don’t use any special cleaning agent, water is enough to wipe off the dirt from your sneakers.

Fill the toes part of the sneakers. Do it with newspaper or any other similar type of filling material. This way you’ll preserve the brand new shape of your favorite pair. It’s also acceptable to use socks as a replacement of the paper as it is mentioned above.

Make them easy to find. You may end up in a situation where you’ll have to take your sneakers out quickly. So, be sure to place them at hand.

Get some accessories. Shoelaces often tear and if this happens after or during the move, you might get disappointed. Get some spare of these and don’t forget any additional shoe accessories such as a shoe deodorizer. 

If packing your shoes for a move is an impossible mission for you, don’t hesitate and book professionals. You will have your stuff packed quickly, safely and efficiently. You’ll save time, effort and all the hustle required for quality packing before a move.

If you have any questions or would like more information about moving with children don’t be shy to contact one of the best long distance moving specialists. Ask for a free moving quote and moving helpers will do their best to make the move as smooth as possible.


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