Pink up Your Lips With Beetroot – DIY

Lips look sexy and beautiful. You are keen on getting the perfect pink lips and have scoured all the beauty shops looking for products that guarantee this. From lipsticks to lip gloss and lip balms, there is hardly anything that you haven’t tried.

But, while using these products, do you always have that nagging feeling in your mind about the side effects of the different chemicals that make up these products? Well, then chuck these products and go the natural way. With beetroot, you can actually paint your lips pink and you don’t have to worry about chemical overload. Here is how you can use this awesome vegetable to pink your lips.

DIY – Pink your Lips with Beetroot

Prepping Up

In order to make the perfect pink color for your lips, you would need a few things. Here is a checklist of what all you should have – A beetroot, Coconut Oil, a Food Processor, a strainer and a small box.

Grinding the Beet

Start off by washing the beetroot thoroughly under running water to clean it off any kind of dirt and other things. Now, using a peeler, peel off its skin. Cut it into somewhat thin slices and put them into the food processor. Grind the beetroot pieces thoroughly until you can see the beet leaving out water. Don’t add any water to it while grinding as this dilute the color and you won’t get the hue that you are looking for.

Extracting the Color

Strain out all the juice of the ground beetroot using a strainer. Make sure that no small pieces or strands make their way into the juice. Pour this juice into a properly cleaned and sterilized small container.

Adding the Gloss

Add one teaspoon of coconut oil to the beetroot juice and mix it well with a spoon or a toothpick. In case, you want a glossier look, you can even add in more coconut oil. However, skimping on the oil is definitely not a good idea as this would turn the color very flaky and dry when you apply it to the lips.

Alternatives to Coconut Oil

There is no compulsion to use coconut oil. If you want to make your pink lip color more moisturizing, you can even add beeswax or honey to it. For that extra gloss, you can add sugar granules to the balm.

Setting the Balm

No matter, what you add to this DIY lip color, you need to let it set before starting to use it. So, once you have mixed in the oil or other moisturizing agents into it, place the container is the refrigerator. After some time, the juice will set and what you would have is a natural lip color that is free of any kinds of harmful chemicals. If you want a lip color that would not wear off easily, make sure that you place it in the refrigerator for more time.

Coloring your Lips Pink

If you see that the lip color that you made from beetroot is light, don’t worry. That is how it would look when you apply it. But as the beetroot reacts with the oxygen in the air, the color will darken and would give a darker tint to your lips.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make this absolutely natural pink lip color for your lips. With the moisturizing agents m doing their work, the regular use of this beetroot balm will keep your lips looking luscious, soft and hydrated.


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