5 Makeup Items You Must Carry When Traveling

Today I bring to you a guest post we could all do with reading. I find it so hard to choose what makeup items to take away when I am travelling. I always pack far too much and and only use a few products! Morgan Antoinette is a health & beauty blogger, the post rounds up the best things to pack when travelling. Enjoy the post…

Traveling is fun. You get to see those beautiful mountains, stunning waterfalls, parallel railways, mysterious forests, and deep-dark Rivers. Instagram and Facebook have made it mandatory to take photos wherever you go, and if you are visiting waterfalls or mountains, then it’s a no-brainer thing. People can forget staring at the greens or blues, but they will never forget to take ‘postable’ photos to show (read flaunt) to their friends or colleagues. But the first thing that comes in mind while you are taking photos is “am I looking okay”?
But don’t worry, once you have refined the art of carefully selecting your “on the go” beauty products, you will have more confidence to take photos wherever you go. Traveling is, indeed, one of the most thrilling and life-changing experiences where, who knows, you can meet your Prince Charming as you stroll through the land’s hottest destinations. Before you get too caught up with all these thoughts, though, you’ll have to figure out one important thing: how to fit in all your beauty needs in your not-so-huge traveling bag. You obviously can’t take all your vanity because it will be, well, expensive! Plus, there’s that new TSA regulation that limits the beauty products you carry inside your suitcase.

We know that this can be a real struggle for you so we’ve rounded up all the must-haves travel makeup bag essentials (which are TSA-friendly, too so don’t worry) you should pack to have that selfie-ready face all the time as you travel.

1. Pair down the TOP essentials

The number one rule when packing beauty items in your traveling bag is “less is more.” Do you really need 4 lipsticks for a two days trip? Will you actually use that cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer? The chances are less (unless you follow your beauty regimen religiously). So instead of covering the makeup bag full of beauty products that will go untouched, stick to the actual necessities. We recommend one heavy moisturizer for the night and a BB cream with SPF for the day. If you like to wear lip colors that match your dress, go for the lipsticks with a different, versatile color on each end—thus two shades in one. Buy a blush that can also be used as an eye-shadow. So you get the idea now, pair up 2 in 1 product that are essential, these would serve the purposes as well as save some spaces to carry other things.

2. Pencil Eyeliner and Mascara

While eyeliner is designed to make our eyes look bigger, there are other uses too if you are in an experimental mood. When the situation calls for it, use your eyeliner as a brow pencil to keep those brows defined (when it’s in a darker shade). If your eyeliner is on the lighter shade, use it as a lip liner and give your lips the attention they deserve.
Mascara will help your eyes to pop out even without eyeshadow. So, pick up a travel sized mascara tube from beauty stores near you before you leave for the vacation!

3. Lip Balm

Your lip balm must be with SPF so your lips are not only moisturized but also protected from the sun. This is recommended for all skin types, oily, mixed or dry.
Plus, there are lip balms that are tinted, so your lips will look fuller and vibrant even if you don’t wear lipstick. They’ll save you space in your beauty bag while giving what your lips need.

4. Facial cleanser and Dry Shampoo

Your essentials makeup kit will never be complete if it doesn’t contain facial cleanser. Why? Because you can’t jump into doing makeup if you don’t have a clean face. Plus, at the end of the day, you have to clean your makeup thoroughly with a cleanser and make sure that there’s no residue. If your trip will be more than a week or two, be sure to bring an exfoliator or scrubber so you can wash off the dead cells that you’ve accumulated.
The dry shampoo can freshen and revive limp plane hair by absorbing oil, sweat, and dirt that accumulate throughout the day. Aside from your carry on, you can also keep this dry shampoo in your gym bag or weekend bag to keep your hair fresh and clean all the time.

5. Roll-on fragrance

When asked what types of beauty products women should avoid traveling with, many experts would say to cross off the perfume first from the beauty list. On the other hand, they recommend going for a roll-on fragrance instead. And there is a reason, after all, who wants to risk being forced to surrender their favorite (and expensive) bottle of perfume at security? To avoid exceeding your liquid limit, a travel-sized roll-on fragrance will keep you smelling great all the times of your trip. Plus, if you’re feeling a bit tired after a long flight, apply a roll-on perfume on the front side of your arms, at the back of your ears and at your collarbone- it will instantly wake you up with its amazing freshness.

Bonus Tips: If you are feeling a little more festive and think that a few more items wouldn’t hurt your suitcase, then be sporty and carry the following items too. You will look polish every time you step out of the hotel room. But remember, I have already mentioned the necessities to carry in your beauty bag, these are just the add-ons that you can consider.

For Hair:

  • Mini shampoo and conditioner, hair straightener
  • Paddle Brush
  • Few bobby pins, rubber band, and hair clip

For Face:

  • Makeup Mist (as airplane cabins usually have next to no humidity, these makes skin very dry and parched, makeup mist is handy in such times).
  • Face powder (put a cotton ball between the powder and mirror to reduce the risks of breakage).
  • Tweezers and cotton buds.
  • Blush Brush
  • Makeup Remover Wipes
  • Rosehip Oil

For Body:

  • Nail clippers and file
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Body scrubber and moisturizer

And finally, never throw your beauty products freely into your travel bag, or even keep them loose in your vanity bag. When traveling, all of your products should be carefully packed in plastic bags to prevent any breakage, spillage, or unintended messes. What you can do is once all of your beauty products are in their respective plastic bags and bottles, just put them in another bigger plastic bag and wrap it up with your unused pajamas, and then place it in the center of your suitcase so that it doesn’t get “explode” all over the place. Plastic bags not only keep your clothes safe from makeup stains, but also make it easier for you to get through security checking, and ensure that you know exactly where your products are when you need to find them. We call that a win-win situation!


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