7 Skin Care Tips That Will Help You Look Great While Travelling!

Let’s face it. planes, trains and cars wreak havoc on your skin. Change in humidity levels, temperature and climate can cause problems in your skin care regime. Your skin is a very important organ with several key roles and it is vital to look after it. While we agree it can be more difficult to maintain skin care regime while traveling. but it is also true that proper skin care is more important while you travel.

Traveling can be insanely stressful, so follow these essential skin care tips that will keep your skin beautiful and healthy during your next getaway.

7 Skin Care Tips That Will Help You Look Great While Travelling!

Stay well-hydrated-

Hydration is crucial for traveling- both inside and out. The most important thing that we forget while on vacation is to drink sufficient water. This affects our skin, making it look dry and dull. Drink plenty of water, and take veggies and fruits. Hydration from the inside out will keep your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Pack what counts-

It is hard to carry the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet. While traveling, it is necessary that you carry only important skin care products. Determine your vital skin care products, such as cleanser, moisturizer, everyday face cream, shampoo etc. Do not waste space on generic items like soap and blow dryers, your hotel will stock them.

Pack for specific destinations-

Consider the climate at your destination, and pack skin care products accordingly. When going to a warm, humid place, carry good exfoliants and cleansers in order to reduce the dead skin cells trapped by the excess moisture. If you are traveling to places with high altitude and low temperature, deep moisturizer is the must have product in your travel bag. Low temperature and low humidity, as well as strong wind will deplete your skin, making it look dehydrated and dry. Hence, it is important to carry a heavy moisturizer that will help to maintain the normal hydration levels of your skin.

Do not forget the sunscreen-

Sun exposure is the major cause of skin ageing, and most of us forget to apply sunscreen while traveling. Sunscreens and sun lotions offer protection against UV rays, which are responsible for causing fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

Those traveling to hot, sunny places should be particularly vigilant about using sunscreen. If you are not going to a tropical destination, or are going to be indoors for most of time, use moisturizer or face cream with in-built SPF. The effect of sunscreen lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, make sure you reapply it, especially if you are outdoors. Protecting yourself from UV rays helps you to look fresh and youthful.

Buy miniatures-

Travel sized skin care products are a must, as they can be easily tossed in to your carry-on bag. Look out for sample sized products, and only choose a few essential products, such as cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and night cream.

Prepare your skin-

If you are going to use new skin care products during your travel, make sure you start using them few days before your traveling time. The skin prep for new products is done so that it becomes used to the new products. Any skin reaction if comes up, can be handled efficiently before your departure date.

Moreover, for several days before leaving, avoid products that dry your skin or make you more sensitive towards sunlight. Use extra dose of moisturizer before getting on an air plane, as the air travel can dry out your skin. Also, avoid taking too much of diuretic beverages such as alcohol and coffee on plane so as to stay hydrated.

 Be efficient-

The key to an efficient skin care regime while traveling is simplicity. Protect in the morning, and repair at night. Moisturizers or face creams with SPF revitalizes your skin along with protection against the harsh sun rays, whereas; nigh creams repair the skin cells, making you look fresh the next morning. That’s a simple way to streamline your skin care routine, especially if you are traveling.

Vacation time, no matter where you are heading, brings with it some special skin care needs. The above mentioned 7 skin care tips while traveling will ensure that you look healthy and bright.



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