Ways to Pick the Best Foundation for you

Best Foundation To Pick Up

Applying makeup is no mean feat. However, picking the right makeup products can also seem to be a difficult task especially if you are a novice. One of the most important products that you need to pay a lot of attention to is the foundation. After all, this is what forms the base for your makeup. One wrong choice and you could end up with a caked up look or a non luminous one.

According to beauty experts, finding the best foundation is half battle one. Thus, it is important that you pick one that matches your skin tone. Wondering how to go about it? Here are some ways in which you can find the best that suits your complexion and gives you a million dollar look.

Ways to Pick the Best Foundation

Taking Clues from Colors

Remember, when you go foundation shopping, you need to spend a considerable amount of time to ensure that you pick the right one. Pick three different shades of foundations – one that is similar to your complexion, one that is a tad lighter than your natural complexion and one that is a tad darker. Apply these one by one on your jaw line making sure to blend them in. Wait for a few seconds. The shade that completely blends in with your skin and does not look apparent is the right choice for you. It would be wise to shop from a store that offers you testers.

Mousse Foundation

You can now find foundation mousse which is a perfect blend of powdered foundation and emollients. This is a perfect choice for people who have an oily to combination skin. This when applied to the skin, curbs the oil secretion and offers a semi matte to matte finish. Take some on your fingertips and rub it into your skin, blending it well. The mousse actually melts and gives a flawless appearance.

Serum Foundation

Worried about the foundation settling into the fine lines and pores and making them more obvious? Well, go for the serum foundation. It is extremely light on the skin and blends in well, without making its way into the wrinkles and open pores. You can even find some that contain anti aging properties. These repair as they beautify. However, the light texture of the serum is unable to hide any scars and blemishes.

Stick Foundation

Just like your lipstick, this foundation is extremely easy to apply and carry around in your handbag. Endowed with a creamy texture, it can be easily applied to your skin and offers great coverage. So, if you have scars or blemishes on your skin, this is the safest bet. Use the stick on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and then blend it well with your fingers. This is an ideal solution for on the go touch ups too.

Cream Foundation

A perfect choice for people with dry skin, this glides on easily over the skin and offers maximum coverage. It can hide everything from spots to scars and even under eye dark circles. Being oil based, it stays on for longer and also keeps the skin hydrated. Take a pea size portion of the foundation in your palm, dot it on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and then using your fingertips blend it in.

Tinted Moisturizer

If you need a foundation that can give you a flawless complexion and also keep your skin moisturized, a tinted moisturizer is just the right thing for you. Light weight and at the same time hydrating, this foundation blends perfectly into your skin and leaves you with a radiant complexion. A perfect choice if you are planning to wear little or no makeup.

Liquid Foundation

This is the traditional form of foundation and is also one of the best choices. Based on your need for coverage, you can blend it any way you want. What’s more it is available in different varieties to suit all skin types. You can also find these in glossy as well as matte finish. Applying this using a damp sponge can help you get the perfect blend and the best coverage.

Cushion Foundation

An ideal choice for quick touching up sessions, this is actually a sponge with fluid in it. Using this would ensure that you don’t get that caked up look which is quite possible if the foundation is not blended properly.

Finding the right foundation is definitely half the battle won. However, applying it the right way is equally important. Get some help from a beauty expert or a makeup pro to learn this and get ready to dazzle.


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