Common Myths About Using Antibiotic Drugs

Antibiotics have become the most important part of our lives and lifestyle. Right from treating our little one for a common cold or persistent infection, we constantly depend and look towards antibiotic drugs for answers.

But did you know that most common beliefs that we have about the antibiotic drugs are a complete myth?

Here are some common myths about antibiotic drugs along with the right facts. You may want to read this before assuming that antibiotics are your solution for every ailment.

Common Myths About Using Antibiotic Drugs

These are some of the most common myths surrounding the use of antibiotic drugs. Do not feel dejected if you have most of these beliefs. Majority of us do.

Antibiotics treat infections from Bacteria, Not viruses

We have been relying on antibiotics to treat various viruses for ages. The fact is something else. Antibiotics do not treat viral infections. On the contrary, they treat conditions caused due to bacteria. Most of us would have felt great after taking an antibiotic pill while fighting cold or a flu. This is purely psychological. Experts say that doing so causes more harm than making us any better.

Antibacterial Cleansers Make Germs Stronger To Fight Against Antibiotics

This is completely incorrect. There were citations made earlier that antibacterial cleansers help change the composition of bacteria in their ability to fight the antibiotics. Till now, there is no concrete evidence based on this inference. All those antibacterial soaps and liquids contain triclosan, the agent that makes bacteria stronger. Proof is still awaited on the same.

Acne Drugs Can be Taken Along With Other Antibiotics

If you are getting treated for acne, make sure you work closely with your doctor on this. For most times, drugs prescribed for acne contain antibiotics that work against other antibiotics. You may not want contraindications as a result of this.

Antibiotics a Must For Sinus and Ear Related Infections

Not at all. Only conditions like strep throat need an antibiotic intervention for cure. That too after a positive lab result citing bacterial presence. On the other hand, sinusitis is often triggered by viruses. Very rare conditions of sinus attacks are bacteria related. Same holds good for ear infections. Unless these are positively caused by bacteria, you don’t really require antibiotics to heal these conditions. Most times, they go away on their own.

I Feel Better, Let Me Stop That Antibiotic

We have a human tendency to discontinue any drug as soon as we start feeling slightly better. Antibiotics are no exception. But contrary to this regular pattern, it’s always important to complete the course of antibiotic prescription. Sudden pause in the full course of intake may enable some of the bacteria to survive and attack your body cells one more time.

Livestock Do Not Affect The Antibiotics

On the contrary, they do. Livestock develop their own resistant bacteria which are passed on in the meat that we consume. Hence it is very necessary to clean and cook the meat completely. You will be surprised to know that even crops and fertilizers can spread bacteria that impact your antibiotic medication.

There Are New Antibiotics Made Every Year To Treat Disease Conditions

No. In fact, very few antibiotics have been actually approved since 1980. There was a statement made by Dr Alexander Fleming,  the Nobel prize winner who made penicillin. He said that humans will eventually develop bacteria that will soon become resistant to these drugs. It is happening. We are evolving with our responses to antibiotic treatments.

Its OK To Intake Antibiotics That Have Been Prescribed To Another Person

This is a very incorrect belief and a complete myth. Consuming someone else’s prescribed antibiotic for a similar condition may not help heal it. In fact, it can get worse. It is always better to consult your health care practitioner for an individual analysis.

These are some of the important myths that need to be decoded before you start fully depending on antibiotic medication for various illnesses. It helps to add that human body has a wonderful ability to regenerate and rebuild. Approaching alternative medicine and maintaining healthy lifestyle should be our final call.

Going to an experienced medical professional and taking anti-biotics is the logical approach to treating illnesses. However, if you are someone that has trouble in taking anti-biotics orally, lie most of us do, you will feel some hesitancies. In order to help people who have such issues, medical experts prescribe Gloup swallowing gel. This helps in easily overcoming taking medicines orally. It has zero side-effects and does not tinker with the formulations of the medicine.

Lead a healthy Life!!


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