Be it post pregnancy, losing or gaining weight, your skin gets marred with light lines. These are called stretch marks that tend to occur when the skin loses its flexibility. They look quite annoying and even embarrassing at times.

However, you can easily get rid of these marks by using some common ingredients found in your very kitchen.

Given below is the list of 6 such kitchen ingredients that can help you lighten the marks and make your skin blemish free.

6 Kitchen Ingredients to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Egg white is high in proteins and amino acids which can help in reducing the stretch marks. Take two egg whites and whip them to smooth consistency. Apply to the area with stretch marks and allow it to dry. Wash off with cold water. Moisturize the skin with some olive oil. Repeating this remedy regularly for two weeks would lighten the stretch marks.


Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that can help you get rid of any spots, marks and blemishes. Squeeze out some lemon juice. Massage this juice into the stretch marks in circular motion using your fingertips. Do this for about 10 minutes and then wash the area with lukewarm water. Another remedy is to mix equal quantities of lemon and cucumber juice and then applying this on the marks. Doing this regularly will lighten and then gradually lead to the disappearance of the marks.


Sugar is considered to be one of the best ingredients to get rid of stretch marks. Take one tablespoon of sugar and mix it with some lemon juice and almond oil. Apply this mixture to the skin that has stretch marks. With gentle circular motions, massage this on your skin for about 10 minutes. It would be a good idea to do this before you take bath. Repeat this for about a month and you can see the stretch marks lighten.


Other than being a tasty vegetable, the minerals and vitamins in potato help in restoring the damaged cells, thereby lightening the stretch marks. Cut a potato into thick slices. Rub these slices on the stretch marks till they are completely coated by the starch. Let the juice dry up and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

5.Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and other skin friendly nutrients that work towards repairing the skin. So, using this on stretch marks can help you get rid of them gradually. Take some extra virgin olive oil and massage it into the area that has stretch marks. Make sure that you massage it using circular motion of your fingers. This will improve the blood circulation in the area and would also ensure that all the vitamins present in the oil are absorbed into the skin. There is no need to wipe off the oil as it tends to get absorbed into the skin.


Since time immemorial, turmeric has been used to reduce blemishes from the skin. Mix turmeric with water or milk to make a thick paste. Apply this to the area with stretch marks. When the paste dries, wash the area with water. Repeating this remedy twice a day will lighten the stretch marks.

It is also important to keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day as this helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. This will also improve the elasticity of your skin.


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