What Are The Causes and Treatments Of Gum Bleeding?

Just like you look after your overall well-being, you need to focus on your oral health as well. There are plenty of oral health ailments that can disrupt your general well-being. Regular brushing and flossing can tame down the risks of many oral health issues. However, negligence and lack of priority can put you in pain. Gum related issues are becoming quite common these days as people are careless about their gum health. It is essential to understand that gums are the foundation of healthy teeth. If you have been witnessing your gums’ issues, you must search for a dentist to get assistance. 

What is Bleeding Gum?

Bleeding gums are the clear signs that you are not treating them well. This gum issue also indicates the start of other gum related issues. If you don’t take action at the earliest, things can get severe. There are many causes of bleeding gums. 

What Are The Major Causes of Bleeding Gum?

Before you can look for treatment and search for  dentist near me on Google, it is crucial to understand the core issue. You must be aware of the exact reason that made your gums bleed. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of causes for bleeding, so here are a few common reasons that you should know-:

  • Plaque Buildup: It is the primary reason why you have bleeding gum. When you don’t brush regularly, plaque buildup can lead to gum bleeding. 
  • Rigorous Brushing: Brushing too hard on your teeth will not bring much of a difference to its cleanliness. Instead, it can affect your gum. 
  • Hormonal Changes: It is mostly found during pregnancy that women start having bleeding gums. Such bleeding is caused due to hormonal changes. 
  • Improper Flossing: Flossing is an essential aspect of oral hygiene. But you must floss carefully without hurting the gums. Using inappropriate floss thread and flossing practice leads to gum bleeding.  
  • Vitamin Deficiency: The deficiency of vitamin C and K is also considered a major cause of bleeding gum leading to other severe issues. 

If you have bleeding gums due to any of the mentioned reasons, you must search for a good dentist near me

Best Treatments For Bleeding Gums

There are many ways you can improve oral health and reduce the risks of gum bleeding. Before searching for a doctor near me, there are a few treatments that you can use to reduce gum bleeding. 

Remove Plaque: Plaque that is not removed converts into tartar and leads to gum bleeding. Brush and floss your teeth properly. If possible, use anti-gingivitis toothpaste. 

Avoid Tobacco: If you are a tobacco user, you must stop it altogether. It can severely damage your teeth

Visit Your Dentist: Look for a dentist near me and regularly pay a visit for general checkups. 

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle: Your lifestyle choices also make a tremendous difference to your oral health. Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle

So, these are quite a few ways in which you can treat gum bleeding. But make sure you search for the right dentist near me and consult with them regarding your oral health. 


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