7 Super foods for strong and healthy bones

Foods for Stronger and Healthy Bones

It has been aptly said that ‘Health is Wealth’. If your body is fit and fine, your daily activities will flow like a stream of running water. For a healthy body, you need to have a sound discipline with the meals that you intake. In a perfect scenario, let’s talk about foods that lead to strong and healthy bones.

Bones are an essential part of the human body. Doctors often recommend us to build a sturdy physique that comprises of strength as well as balance. When we speak about bones, the first name that pops in our mind is Calcium. Yes, Calcium is the most important ingredient for having robust and healthy bones, followed by Magnesium, Phosphorous, vital and minerals and vitamins.

Let us take a glance at seven such healthy diets that provide strength to your bones.

1, Salmon

Salmon is found to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids that has many health benefits. These fatty acids improve bone development process in children and adults. Calcium, Vitamin D and protein are other bone-strength enhancing elements. Bone density and bone accumulation are an added advantage. Omega-3 fatty acids are also proven to condition heart

2, Milk

Milk is the best supplement for calcium. Milk also includes Potassium, magnesium and several crucial vitamins. You may have observed that children are trained to a regular consumption of milk. Even adults are encouraged to consume optimum quantity of milk once in a day.


3, Yogurt

It you need to consume foods that are rich in both Calcium and Vitamin D for a better bone condition, you should blindly count on yogurt. This extraordinary milk by-product comes useful for wellbeing. Single cup of yogurt in a day is said to be enough to meet the daily calcium requirement. Other than the Greek yogurt that is commonly available, natural yogurt brilliantly serves the purpose of strengthening bones and maintaining calcium absorption.

4, Spinach

Spinach is a viable green vegetable that contains generous amount of calcium, apart from Iron, Fibre and Vitamin A & C. Strong and healthy bones are guaranteed after consuming spinach in adequate quantities. Spinach is well known for fortification of bones when co-consumed with other nutritious diets like cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli.

5, Cheese

Another dairy product in the list is cheese, most people love it. Cheese is a storehouse of calcium that serves your bones and strengthens them. Magnesium, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin D are the other dynamic nutrients that come along. Cheese is a blessing for lactose intolerant patients, as it has lower levels of lactose. A regular intake is must for a person who wants to have strong and healthy bones.

6, Sardines

Sardines, the type of fish have large amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. The nutrients levels in sardines are at par to the levels of milk and other dairy products. They come in a can and people often enjoy them along with pastas and pizzas. Sometimes, Sardines are enjoyed in salad forms or with several pulps.

7, Orange Juice

A glass of orange juice that is freshly squeezed has high calcium levels. It proves advantageous towards bone development and strength sustenance. The blessed benefits of orange juice are many.

Consuming calcium rich foods will bring a noticeable change in your bone condition and help you build strong bones and a physically fit body.


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