Finally, summer is here in India and so the time has come for some refreshing summer drinks. These summer drinks not only keep the body hydrated but also help us to beat the scorching summer heat.

We have listed down 7 most refreshing drinks to help you beat the Indian heat. These drinks have their own health benefits and at the same time, you will simply love the tangy Indian taste.

1, Aam Panna


The tangy and tasty drink, Aam Panna is the perfect summer thirst quencher. Aam Panna is easy to make and has become a very popular drink in India now. Aam Panna is easily available in all Indian houses as well as on the street side. It is a healthy beverage to beat the summer heat.

2, Lassi


Who has not tasted a Lassi! And who doesn’t love to taste it again and again! Lassi is a gem in Punjabi recipes. You can even add the Roohafza to it, to give it a different taste and a pinkish tinge to your glass of lassi.

3, Chaach

Chaach or spiced buttermilk is one of the best thirst quenchers during scorching summers. Chaach digest three times faster than the milk. This cool and refreshing drink keeps your body hydrated all day long and also helps to digest your food as well.

4, Naariyal Paani


Nariyal Paani or coconut water is a natural, chemical free and a delicious health drink. It is fat-free and is great for your health. A sip of this wonderful drink and you feel refreshed and relieved when the sun is scorching outside. Believe us, this superb drink is much better than your regular sugary sodas and beer cans.

5, Ganne ka Ras


Ganne ka Ras or the sugarcane juice is an excellent drink that helps you get rid of the heat. It also keeps you away from seasonal diseases. It keeps your body cool and helps you in getting that boost of energy.

6, Shikanji


Shikanji or lemonade, as we call it, is an easy to make drink. It is delicious and healthy. Shikanji is the drink you must have during the summer season. You can make it very easily at home. Just squeeze a few drops of lemon, add salt and sugar to it, and add soda if you have some and shikanji masala.

7, Jal Jeera

How can we forget to mention Jal jeera! It is one of the popular Indian drinks .It is liked by almost every Indian. The drink is simply perfect for summer days. It is a perfect blend of lemon juice, cumin, black pepper and rock salt. It is great for your health and offers many benefits.

These are some of the best Indian Drinks. Although you can find a number of fruit juices in India, made in an Indian recipe but the above mentioned 7 drinks have their special place to fight the scorching heat of the sun. Try them this summer and they will soon become your all time favourite.

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