Seven tips to say goodbye to headaches

Combining some simple habits and taking the appropriate medications are part of the keys so that a discomfort of this type does not disable our daily routine. Review these tips and avoid a bad time.

Many times, just thinking that we may have a headache makes us sick. And it is not for less, if we think that during the last year, three-quarters of the world population has had a malaise of this type, and that according to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) , it affects women more than to men .

headache can last from 30 minutes to seven days , for the same reason, to prevent the pain from passing to the elderly, it is best that we just have the suspicion that we will suffer one of these episodes we act immediately. To avoid having a bad time because of this, the medical director of Laboratorio Chile, Virginia Socías, and the Brand Manager of Kitadol, Patricia Hernández, give us some tips:

Have a good diet

Scientific research has proven that the intake of certain foods inflames or deflates certain head areas. It is recommended not to abuse chocolate, or fermented cheeses, cold cuts and sausages , and to say yes to the consumption of fresh meat and fish, soups, vegetables, fruits, fresh milk, legumes and starches. This is because, as Dr. Virginia Socías explains, they are foods low in tyramine, which can prevent the appearance of migraines. And be careful, it is also important not to skip any meal during the day .

Drink water

A common cause of headache is dehydration , so drinking water as soon as the discomfort begins can help decrease it . The ideal is to continue taking small sips during the rest of the day, avoiding coffee, alcohol and soda.

Quiet places to rest

The best thing is to choose a quiet place, without noise and dark, that invites you to rest and relax . “The best thing is to lie down, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing, always in a comfortable position, in which the neck is not tense,” advises Dr. Socías, adding that the ambient temperature is also a factor to consider. If you are cold, bundle up, and if you get overheated easily, organize the space so that the temperature does not rise in it.

Correct use of medications

One of the best remedies to relieve a headache is paracetamol, that is why it is always good to bring it in your wallet or have a few on the nightstand: “it is scientifically proven that paracetamol does not harm the stomach, it produces fewer allergic reactions than others. analgesics and it is safer for children, “explains Dr. Socías, adding that it is always important not to exceed the indicated doses.

Relaxing massages

The massage relaxes and in times when a headache occurs, can also help. To be effective, start with your scalp first , then work your way up to your neck and end at your earlobes . In each area press and move the fingers of your hand in a circular way. This will gradually improve circulation and decrease tension.

Using cold compresses

This is a very useful homemade recipe. Putting a cool washcloth on the forehead can help the blood vessels to constrict, especially if the problem is in the area of ​​the temples or sinuses. If it gets hot, wet it and put it back on the area where there is pain.

Walk outdoors

It is likely that when we have a headache we do not feel like doing anything, however, changing the environment, going outside and taking fresh air can become great allies when starting one of these episodes. A short walk will help you renew the air that enters your body, and it will also clear your mind.


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