5 Fruits That Actually Improve Immune System

Boosting Immune System the Fruity Way

You are surrounded by disease causing germs. If you have strong immune system, chances to fall prey to most of these diseases is less. In order to ensure that your immune system works properly, it is important that you include some special food items in your diet that help in Improve Immune System.

Fruits are considered to be one of the healthiest snacking options. Including some of these fruit that improve the immune system is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit.

Here are some fruits that can help in improving your immunity.

5 Fruits that Improve Immune System


    Orange is a rich source of Vitamin C which enhances the production of white blood cells as well as antibodies. These play an important role in protecting your body from falling prey to various diseases. It also contains antioxidants that prevent any kind of cell damage and keeps your body healthy. Include a glass of freshly squeezed out orange juice in your breakfast. You can also eat orange as a mid-day snack.




Kiwi is another fruit that is rich in Vitamin C and thus helps in Improve Immune System the disease fighting ability of your body. Kiwi is also a rich source of Vitamin E that enhances the production of T cells. These are the cells that actually boost the cell based immunity of the body. Whip out a tasty fruit salad with some kiwis. You can also make a smoothie with kiwi and other fruits like strawberry, mango etc.


Improve Immune System

Loaded with Vitamin C, grape fruit plays an important role in improving the immune system of your body. You can find two different varieties of this fruit, red and pink. The red variety is considered to be a better choice as it has high content of bioflavonoids that have amazing positive effect on your body, better immunity being one of them. Take a grapefruit and cut it into half. Grill these pieces for a minute and then dust them with some cinnamon powder. Having this at least once a day will improve your immune system.


The delicious fruit strawberry is a rich source of Vitamin A and C, both of which enhance the disease fighting ability of your body. Additionally, the seeds of strawberry that are present on the skin are also rich in minerals that further boost your immune system. Whether you make these into a smoothie or dip it in yoghurt, adding this fruit to the daily diet will definitely work wonders for your immune system.


Papaya is a rich source of beta carotene that gets converted into Vitamin A in your body. This in turn helps in improving the immunity of your body. Eating slices of papaya with a dash of lemon juice is an even better recipe for better immune system.

Papayas are spherical or pear-shaped fruits that can be as long as 20 inches. The ones commonly found in the market usually average about 7 inches and weigh about one pound. Their flesh is a rich orange color with either yellow or pink hues. Inside the inner cavity of the fruit are black, round seeds encased in a gelatinous-like substance

It is always advisable to consume these fruits as whole rather than as juices and smoothies as the fiber content helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. It is also important that you exercise for at least thirty minutes every day as this too improves the immune system.


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