Makeup Artist: 5 Essential tips to compose a job-winning resume in 2020

For your target makeup artist job, everyone will submit a resume. But, the recruiter will only shortlist the ones that are related to the target job and are composed concisely. 

So, even if your expertise as a makeup artist cannot be matched, you need to make sure that it reflects in your resume.

In the guide, we will help you tackle the essentials for composing a job-winning makeup artist resume and showcase skills in a manner that stands out.

Let’s begin. 

Make a professional experience section

This section is for writing work profiles in reverse chronological order along with statements regarding the key achievements and job responsibilities. 

Let’s say, your current job entails designing hair wigs, then pointers around this skill should be present in this section. But, avoid writing long paragraphs to explain it.

This section is very important for your profile, so you need to make sure that it is formatted correctly. 

Here is how you can achieve it: 

  • Frame points: Steer clear of writing job responsibilities in a paragraph format. Frame one-line bullet points as they are neat and easy to read. Also, try to establish a cause and effect relationship in your points. For example, when you explain your job duties, add information regarding its impact on the organization.
  • Use subheadings: After framing the statements, assign relevant subheadings to 3-4 points. These subheadings should show your domain expertise. For example, the subheadings in a makeup artist resume can be “SFX Makeup and Wig Designing”. 
  • Highlighting & Power verbs: Highlight key information in all your points, this process will help you improve the readability of your resume. Also, begin the statements by using power verbs like bolstering, enhancing, improving, administering, etc. 

Create a summary

You can think of it as a summary of your resume. But, you need to keep it restricted to just 3-4 lines. 

How can you achieve that? 

Be conscious of what you are adding to the summary. For instance, just try adding information around your key expertise that is related to the target job. 

For reference, here is an example of a professional summary for a makeup artist:

“3+ years experienced Certified Makeup Artist with a prolific record of doing SFX and organic makeup. Proficient in managing the inventory and promoting the brand’s products on social media channels via tutorials. Adept at achieving business excellence by fulfilling the client’s needs and expertise in working with actors for film sets.” 

Also, you need to place the summary at the very top of your resume. So, choose a resume template where the summary section is placed at the top or move the sections freely to make that happen. 

Add your skills

In this section, most candidates add irrelevant soft skills and unsubstantiated personality strengths like hard-working, a dedicated professional, etc. These pointers hold no weight and will have no impact on your resume. 

This section is for adding your domain expertise such as Client Relationship, Makeup Application, SFX Makeup, Wigs Designing, and Skin Care Routine. 

So, include your core competencies here and improve your chances of getting shortlisted for the job. 

Include keywords

It is not ideal to use the same makeup artist resume everywhere, you need to modify it as per the job description. The responsibilities for each job post you encounter will be different. In one post you may be required to have expertise in “using organic products”, and in the other one, it will be considered irrelevant. 

Having irrelevant information is okay. But, if you do not include skills that are required in the job description, it can cause problems. So, meticulously go through each job post before applying and accordingly modify your resume by using the keywords. 

Further, having information related to the job post can be helpful in passing the application tracking system. It is a software application that helps recruiters shortlist resumes based on job-related keywords.

Add relevant certifications

Add certifications that can help improve your chances of landing the job. 

Also, these details can be extremely important for entry-level makeup professionals as it allows them to back their skills with certifications. 

Here is how you can add it to your resume: 

“ Film and Television Makeup Artistry | Shades of Contouring Makeup Institute | Pasadena, California | Mar ‘17 – Apr ‘18” 

Key takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Create a summary by adding points around your key achievements and domain expertise.
  • Include job-related keywords to improve your chances of landing the job.
  • Add your core competencies as a makeup artist in the key skills section.
  • Make a professional experience section to list your work profiles.
  • Add the relevant makeup artist certifications to your resume.


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