Beauty Hacks Which Will Save You Time

Saving time when getting ready in the morning is my cup of tea, is it yours? If you are a mom on-the-go, or simply someone who would love to save some time and grab 15-30 minutes more of your beauty sleep, you will love this article! It will show you that you can multi-task with some products and that you’ve been missing out on some makeup tips & tricks thus far! Here is how to look beautiful while running out the door.

Top 6 Beauty Hacks

1.Silk Pillowcase Does Half The Job


Silk Pillowcase Does Half The Job

You will enjoy sleeping on smooth silk sheets due to several reasons:

  1. a) Your hair will be smooth & frizz-free – no matter your hair type! Women should sleep on soft & comfy sheets since these prevent frizz in your hair. Not only this, but a silk pillowcase will allow you to avoid breakage & to enjoy flawless & smooth strands the moment you wake up.
  2. b) Your skin will be smooth & soft – and you won’t have any cracks or dull patches. This is also a must for women who have dry skin. Silk sheets are a lot more comfy & lightweight, so replace your cotton ones with these.
  3. c) They are way more comfortable – therefore, they are a must! You will feel well-rested the moment you wake up. They aren’t even that expensive, so why not give them a chance?

2.Tinted Moisturizer Is Your Friend

After you get out the bed it is time to moisturize. One of the key elements is a tinted moisturizer since it has a lot of moisture & some natural-looking color payoff. You should apply it evenly with your fingers over your entire face. Make sure you dab the product before you run out the door.

No reason to set it with powder, rather let your natural skin breathe & shine on its own.

3.Use Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

Use Tinted Lip Cheek Stain

A lip & cheek stain is highly pigmented. Not only that, but this makeup item also has a multi-purpose, so why not get it? You can also carry it with you no matter where you go! Apply it with your ring finger to your cheeks and onto your lips. Dab it in and voila, you will have the perfect match made from heaven!

A liquid/tinted product may fade quickly, so make sure you bring it with you and reapply when in need of more pigment.

4.Use Dry Shampoo & Consider Doing Overnight Braids

Dry shampoo is every woman’s friend. It hides imperfections, oils, and unflattering residues which may have gotten stuck in the meantime. Apply the product if you haven’t washed your hair for longer than 3 days, and rub it in with your fingers. Comb it out and you’ll be good to go.

However, women who have a bit more time to spare & who want to achieve a flawless hairdo the night before should do braids.

Once you wash your hair tie a set of French braids into your hair. Let them air dry overnight and you’ll be left with soft beachy waves the moment you wake up!

5.Get A Set Of Lash Extensions

Get A Set Of Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a must for busy women. Since who has time to apply liquid liners & false lashes early in the morning? This makeup item can change up your routine in a heartbeat.

You will enjoy stylish & sturdy eyelashes the moment you wake up. This means no curling up the lashes or spending more than one minute on your eye makeup routine! You can simply brush them, wash them, and get on with your day!

Lash extensions will easily stay on for 2 weeks straight and will save you so much time early in the morning.

6.Set Your Face In Place

Lastly, set your makeup in place with a makeup setter. This is an item that gives you hydration, a matte outcome, as well as a long-lasting solution. Spritz it 4-5 times on top of the skin and you’ll have everything on for hours to come! You can also bring this makeup item with you and reapply whenever in need of some additional moisture. It is small, handy & practical, meaning that it can easily fit into every person & come in handy when you’re at work, school, lunch break, or even a meeting.


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