Nectar Blonde Hair: Everything You Need to Know About This Trend

With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, stylists and clients alike might be thinking about transitioning from an expensive looking brunette style to something a bit brighter. Tried and true summer blonde shades in perfect platinum hues and other cool tones are always a great option, but for some, a warmer tone and more natural look is desired for the spring and summer months. In this case, take inspiration from the recently popular “nectar blonde” hair trend. It’s a super pretty and fabulously glowy style that pairs perfectly with summer vibes. Here’s the skinny on this bright, beautiful hair trend.

What Is Nectar Blonde Hair?

The color that embodies nectar blonde features rich blonde tones of the warmer variety. Essentially, the trend utilizes specific shades of professional hair color to create a resulting look that mimics dreamy, Rapunzel-inspired locks with a halo of warmth around the face. Nectar blonde hair is meant to be natural-looking, incredibly touchable and seriously shiny. Many of those who rock the look go for voluminous, blown-out styling techniques with lots of body and dimension, but the trend can be paired with just about any skin tone, style or length of hair. 

Due to the natural inspiration behind nectar blonde hair, the maintenance routine and everyday styling commitment are rather simple. Unlike cool-toned and platinum blonde looks, nectar blonde hair color blends well with root growth and is more forgiving between color touch-ups. When it comes to styling nectar blonde hair, anything goes! From blown-out waves and voluminous texture to simple, straight strands, there’s not much this warm, blonde color can’t do. 

How to Create the Nectar Blonde Look

Stylists can create nectar blonde hair in just a few easy steps. The most important part of nailing the nectar blonde look is using a top notch professional hair lightener to lift the hair color to the ideal base shade. This step happens before any hair color is applied and should be used on any hair shade that is darker than the hair color that will later be applied. 

For the best results, start the process by lightening hair to a medium or dark blonde shade, depending on client preference. From there, choose a golden blonde shade of hair color and apply to the hair. For more dimension, pair two colors of warm, glowy blonde color and apply them to the hair in alternating layers. Stylists should consult with their clients before color application regarding specific shades and use hair color swatches for reference!

Once the hair has been lightened and the golden blonde hair color has been applied, it’s important to add a few finishing touches. Nectar blonde hair is about more than just the base shade, so it’s important to add lightness and an overall glow for the client. Highlights are a fantastic way to brighten up the look and should be added to the top layers of hair and around the face for a halo effect. Go for an off-white, cream or light beige color to take the look from warm honey to glistening nectar in just one step.

How to Style Nectar Blonde Hair

This particular blonde hair look is extremely versatile when it comes to styling. Unlike some other blonde styles, nectar blonde hair color looks great in a casual, minimally styled look as well as when it’s fully blown out and coiffed to perfection. The key to styling nectar blonde hair is showcasing the glowing shades, dimensions and highlights. This is easy to achieve by using protective sprays and other hairstyling products like shine serums, touchable hairsprays and more. 

The nectar blonde hair trend commonly features models and clients with their hair blown out in big waves full of body. This is a fantastic way to make the most of nectar blonde hair and try a trendy styling technique, too! However, nectar blonde locks look just as good when they’re straightened, curled or left to dry naturally. 

Maintaining Nectar Blonde Hair

Like any type of color-treated hair, nectar blonde clients should keep up with a healthy hair maintenance routine to help their new glowing blonde hair stay looking healthy, shiny and fresh. In addition to using a non-stripping shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, clients should use a heat protection spray before using a blow dryer or hot tools. They should get regular hair trims to avoid uneven ends and keep their hair looking super sleek

Choose a New Shade of Blonde This Season

If you’re looking to lighten up your hair this spring and summer season, you can’t go wrong with the nectar blonde look! This color offers a bright look while still maintaining a warm, creamy shade. Just make sure to talk to your colorist to get their expert opinion on how to incorporate this color into your hair!


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