7 Self-Massage Techniques You Need to Learn Right Now

I am excited about today’s post which has been written by writer and massage therapy enthusiast Clara. She is on a mission to help people learn how massage therapy can really help improve your wellbeing and relaxation. She has a great website with lots of tips and information,. If you are anything like me it is so hard to relax and unwind. This post will give you great easy techniques and tips on how to self massage. Enjoy the post…

Feeling stressed or tense but can’t slip away to a yoga class or professional massage therapist? No problem! With a bit of know-how, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga and self-massage anywhere. It only takes a few minutes, and you don’t need to invest in much equipment. According to fitness trainer experts, self-massage is an effective way to reduce knots in your muscles.

1.How to massage your back

Place a tennis ball between your back and a wall. Stand up straight. The ball should be firmly wedged but not uncomfortable. Gently move your body side to side and up and down to massage your muscles. Don’t roll the ball directly over your spine because this could become painful and cause bruising. Keep going for two or three minutes.

If you’d prefer to lie down, this technique also works on the floor. All you have to do is place your feet flat on the floor and place the ball under your back. Rock back and forth to work out knots and kinks. It shouldn’t hurt – ease up on the pressure if it doesn’t feel right.

2.How to relax your shoulders

Sit or stand up straight. Take a deep breath, then drop your shoulders as you exhale. Slowly roll your neck downwards so your chin rests on your chest. Next, using two or three fingers, press on the back of your neck in the spot where it meets your shoulders. Keep applying pressure until you feel the muscle relax.

3.How to massage your feet

Once again, it’s time to get out that tennis ball! Sit in a chair and put the ball on the floor. Position your foot on top and then roll it back and forth over the ball. Exert more pressure when the ball presses on your arch. Next, position your heel on top of the ball. Move your foot around so the ball massages the heel in a circular motion.

4.How to massage your forearm

Extend your right arm, palm facing the floor. Wrap your left thumb and middle finger around your right arm, just beneath the elbow. Make a firm twisting motion for a few seconds, then move your hand an inch or so lower and repeat. Carry on massaging until you reach the wrist. Swap sides. Try to keep your right arm still during the massage.

5.How to massage away a headache

When you feel that familiar throbbing sensation that heralds a headache, it’s time for a little DIY massage. You’ll need a chair for this technique. Begin by standing behind it and leaning forward until your forehead is resting on the chair’s back. Use your body weight to apply pressure for around 30 seconds. This exercise reduces pressure on the neck and spine.

It might sound odd, but a scalp massage can also help with headaches. All you have to do is place your fingertips on your head and apply pressure as you make circular motions. For added relaxation, do the same along your jawline, hairline, and directly above your eyebrows.

6.How to relieve tense thighs

 Get that tennis ball and rub it over the front of your thighs for two or three minutes. You can also use a basic foam roller. Alternatively, use your elbow! Sit up straight in your chair and lean forward with your elbow on your knee. Move it towards your body in a smooth movement. Repeat several times on both thighs, varying the angle and pressure.

7.Try the pummel technique

The simplest way to soothe tense muscles is to lightly pummel them with your fists. Note that this isn’t supposed to hurt! Some discomfort is OK, but you definitely shouldn’t be leaving marks. If you are taking medication that thins your blood, skip this technique because it could lead to some serious bruising.

Why massage can improve your self-image

Self-massage is a form of self-care, which is healthy in its own right. If you feel body-conscious, taking the time and effort to actually look after yourself might feel weird at first. Stick with it, because massage can make a huge difference to your wellbeing.

On the other hand, massage isn’t a magic cure. If your muscles hurt more than usual, or you think you’ve injured yourself, it’s best to see a doctor. You might need help from a specialist to set you on the road to recovery.


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