Dos and Don’Ts to Develop Plus Size Women’s Clothing Ideas

Today I have another exciting guest post from fellow blogger Hayley Potter. This is a great post as it focuses on plus size women’s clothing, a a topic not covered enough on social media. Hayley is a writer and blogger based in Australia. I hope you enjoy it.

Having a plus size is not a crime or anything to hide, as long as you know the right way to choose the perfect dress to flaunt your features and assets. There are a few dos and don’ts to develop your idea about plus size women’s clothing and how to carry yourself fashionably in it. The best way to do so is to seek inspiration for fashion and style from anywhere and everywhere. Look at the fashion blogs and journals, keep track of current trend and celebrity events and take a note of anything that appeals to you but, remember to always stick to the fundamentals.

Fundamental Style Tips

For a plus-size woman, certain type of clothes suits her a lot, while other may make her look a little bit on the healthier side.

  • It is important to follow the fundamental tips for plus size women’s clothing, so that you do not look voluptuous in it.
  • Fashion is an all-inclusive subject and when it comes to sizing, there are a lot of plus-size clothing options for any full-figured woman.
  • Moreover, it is unwise and probably foolish to think that plus-size women are only suitable for gowns and ‘can-cans’.
  • You can have different types of flattering dresses as well such as skinny jeans and a plus-size top to choose from.

How to find outfits

Any outfit should celebrate your beautiful figure and for that, you will need to consider the following basic rules:

  • Know your body type and wear clothes that look gorgeous. It is also important that you wear well-fitted undergarments underneath your plus size women’s clothing.
  • Take the dress to a tailor if you find that the fitting is not proportionate. The dress may be one that you love to wear but it may not be of the right size. If it is big then head to a tailor to get it tailored as per your body type and comfort.

The Dos and Dont’s

There are a few dos and don’ts to choose the perfect plus size women’s clothing.

  • Do experiment to flaunt your curves without any insecurity. Wear only proper sized clothes that will not hide but flaunt your figure. When you experiment a lot, you will end up finding a dress that will best fit in your body as it is all about comfort and great fit.
  • Don’t choose unicolor silhouettes but instead opt for floral patterns, especially, in spring and summer time. This will bring out your sense of style, vibrancy and flair in the best possible way.

Follow the trends and latest fashion in the industry and check out some of the ideas of top designers regarding plus size women’s clothing. You will more often than not get the best advice about the prevailing style trends for plus size women.

Dress Trends to Follow

There are different trends in plus size women’s clothing that you can adapt. You can choose know length dresses or pants with extension from hips. You may want to wear special fabrics for special occasions but never value trend over comfort. Visit the right stores and look for larger prints. Remember, size does not mean shape and therefore, choose a dress that best contours your body. Look for plus size clothing in as many places as possible. Make sure you know your measurements and shape of body, depending on which you can buy dresses in your choice of colors and prints. No matter what others say, you can wear horizontal stripes, bright colors and prints, provided it has the right cut for your body.


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