How To Choose The Perfect Dresser Mirror

Whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning or putting on your makeup for a night out on the town, a high-quality mirror makes all the difference. Aside from being functional, adding a mirror on top of your dresser helps to brighten up your bedroom. Dresser mirrors are affordable and easy to maintain. They also offer more visual appeal to your bedroom décor scheme. If your existing dresser didn’t come with a matching mirror, choosing the right option will depend on a variety of factors. Here are some practical tips to help you choose the perfect dresser mirror.

Personal Style

As with all other types of furniture, the type of dresser mirror you choose will depend on your personal style preferences. You can choose a mirror that matches your current dresser or go with a more contrasting look for an eclectic twist. Select an antique style to create a vintage, whimsical vibe or choose a modern, minimalist style to keep up with current trends. Consider whether you’d like to mount your mirror on the wall behind your dresser or stand it on top of the surface, as both options are available. 

Consider Size

Size is an important consideration when selecting the perfect mirror for your dresser. As a rule of thumb, choose a mirror smaller than the width of the dresser’s table. Before you head out on your shopping trip, take accurate measurements of your dresser to help you decide. Selecting a mirror that is too large could make things look off balanced and unpleasant to the eye. On the other hand, when a mirror is too small or flimsy, it may fall over when you touch it. Use your dresser as a guide and go with something compatible.

Pick The Right Shape

In addition to choosing the right size, purchasing a complimentary sized mirror is important as well. The shape should also fit within the overall design scheme of your bedroom. If your room contains furniture with soft edges or rounded corners, a circular mirror may serve as the perfect accent. Alternatively, if your furniture has more traditional square or rectangular shapes, choose a similarly shaped design. For added visual interest, choose a mirror shape with scalloped edges. There are also paneled styles with one large mirror in the center, surrounded by two smaller ones on each side. 

Choose a Frame

The frames for dresser mirrors come in just as many styles and colors as the dressers themselves. You can choose a frame design to match the material of your dresser or select a contrasting material for a more modern atmosphere. Metal framed mirrors give a classy, elegant touch and come in gold, silver, brass, and more. Choose a wooden frame with elaborate carvings to compliment an antique design scheme or go with clean lines to match an industrial style. Many frames are painted in a variety of different colors as well. Go with a bold color to add visual interest to a neutral room or choose a complimentary tone for a cohesive look.


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