E-liquid flavors you should try if you have a sweet tooth

It is no surprise that one of the benefits of vaping instead of smoking standard cigarettes is the lack of harmful tobacco smoke, but another factor of vaping that is attractive to smokers is the thousands of flavors of e-liquids. E-liquids are the fluid inside of the e-cigarette that vaporizes for people to inhale or ‘smoke’. 

There are flavors such as menthol for the cooling feeling in your lungs, and tobacco flavors for those who prefer it. Though for the people who have a sweet tooth, the options are endless, many of these options can be found on Mr Joy, a website that has all things an e-smoker could want and need. Here are 5 e-liquid flavors that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sweet fruit

We specifically say sweet fruit because some of the e-liquids that are flavored after fruit aren’t sweet at all, such as the lemon version or certain green apple flavors. When we say sweet fruit we mean all of the fruit that can pass as candy in its own natural state. There are e-liquids that have banana flavors, strawberry flavors, mango flavors, watermelon flavors, and many more. Some of these fruit flavors also come in an ‘Ice’ version, which includes the main fruit of choice with a mint or menthol undertone to give that icy feeling. These e-liquids are made to be refreshing like an ice pop or a slushie.

However, simply having e-liquids that are flavored after only one fruit can be basic, so lots of e-liquids are combining different fruit to make a sweet fruit blend. 

These blends can come as strawberry and coconut, orange, citrus and guava, pina colada, or passion fruit, orange, and guava mix.

Candy and desserts

E-liquids that taste like candy are not everyone’s cup of tea because of how sweet it is, but that is what makes them perfect for sweet tooth smokers. The candy flavors of e-liquids are very vast, some of them are also in the fruit category and others have more confectionery type flavors, there are even flavors that fit both of the categories.

Some candy e-liquid flavors that sound very tasty are butterscotch, strawberry jam yogurt, bubblegum, cookie dough, jellybeans, caramel, skittles, starbursts, and gummy bears.

These candy e-liquid flavors also come mixed and matched with different fruity flavors being blended with creamy or vanilla notes to create something new such as dessert e-liquids.

Dessert e-liquids are available as lemon drizzle cake, vanilla biscuits, strawberry parfait, and smores.

Honorable mentions

There are many flavors that we did not mention above due to them fitting multiple categories at once or none at all. These flavors are fruity, tarty, and…well, super sweet.

In this category, we have blackcurrant and cotton candy mix flavors, cinnamon (this one can be spicy!), milkshake flavors, soda flavors, and many custard flavors.

It’s time to admit it, the sweet category in e-liquids is vast and can easily trump any other type of flavor out there. The sweet tooth smokers have won this battle by a long shot.



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