Katiana kay – A new name in the world of a social media star

Every day, a new name adds to the world of social media. And some of them get so much fame in less time and become famous. Katiana kay is also a name recently added to the list of those famous people. She started her Instagram account in January 2021.

Katiana’s Social Life-

Her Instagram account is @katiana; she is best known for her bold and sexy personality and is a famous influencer. She has earned more than 750k followers in less time, and numbers are just increasing. She is very talented, and her well-maintained body, which shows her hard work on herself and her personality, tells that she is worth the popularity and deserves all the happiness.

Everything about this famous and lovely personality:

She came into this world on 23 January 2002. She was born in Arizona, and all care has been done there. She moved to Miami, Florida, to explore herself and work on her dreams. She initially started her career as a social media personality on TikTok. And today, she is ruling multiple platforms like youtube, only fans, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Instagram; she shares her funny moments at Miami Beach. She is a very clever and talented creator.

Katiana’s Age and Parents-

She is 20 years old. As per her TikTok account in 2018, she has 3.6 million followers. She was the first-born child of her parents. Her parents are Mexican and Colombian. So, she is also known as the American-Mexican model. And her nationality is American because America is her birthplace.

Katiana’s Body Figure-

She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and one of the sexiest models on Instagram. She is wearing high heels to enhance her personality. She is perfect 36-24-36, which is considered a perfect body figure when it comes to modelling. Her body weight is 48kg/102lb approximately. Her full lips, brown eyes and light brown hair complexion are one of her most attractive features.

Her Educations-

She has completed high school and graduated in Arizona. She knows two languages, English and Spanish. Her body figure and skin features are so perfect. So, her fans want to know that is it real or not? Is she done any plastic surgery? And the answer is yes. When she saws positive reactions about her on TIK TOK, she had plastic surgery at the end month of 2021-2022. She has done facelift surgery, boobs surgery, booty enhancement surgery, and lip enhancement surgery.

Katiana’s Side hustle-

She is also a businesswoman apart from the social media star. And her net worth estimation stands at 2 million USD approximately. Apart from this, she also earned from YouTube, with 25.1k subscribers. She lives a luxurious lifestyle in Miami, Florida, USA. She is also doing paid advertisements. She owns a fairly new e-commerce business. In 2020, her net worth was only $1 million. But after her business, her financial career boosts.

About Katiana’s Personal Life-

Her boyfriend’s name is William Goodall, and they both have created a youtube channel by the name will and katiana. Will and Tatiana’s YouTube channel has 86.4k subscribers and 17m viewers in the short videos they upload on YouTube. On this channel, they both revealed their relationship. People assume that they both have been dating before creating this youtube channel. They both are famous for “couple goals” relationship videos on social media. According to some sources, William is 22 years old Tik Tok star. He is a very creative thinker. He is the CEO of a good global group. He comes from North Carolina’s small town called Raleigh. And, know this, both youngsters are living in Miami.

William was born in 2000. He is also a supporter of “cannabis smoking”. And he also starts a business which sells cannabis online. Will’s company sells vape carts, gummies and other tobacco products online.

Katiana kay’s favourite holiday locations are New York and Dubai. Katiana’s favourite tv stars are Robert de Niro and Keira kightley.

Her favourite singer was Michael Jackson. Her favourite colours are blue and white, and she always loves to wear them. She believes in Christianity, and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Her Twitter handle name is @katianakayy, and she has 175k followers. Her only fan account name is @katiabakayfree. Her have 3.6 million follower’s on her TikTok handle.

Her Instagram handle has 751k followers. And she is just growing and hopes she will soon get all the things she wants.

Controversies about her:

There was a rumour about her boyfriend that he was badly treating her, doing physical violence, and abusing her. Because her fans see some marks on katiana’s thighs, they thought she was going through domestic violence. Even her fans tell her to wear a blue dress in the next video if she can’t tell openly about the violence against her. But later on, katiana confirmed William was not abusing her. It was her past trauma, for she was behaving fearfully and scared.

She has also questioned her age, but later on, she posted a video confirming her age that she is 19 and said that she didn’t care about the rumours and what people thought about her.

In a video, she also hints to her fans that her boyfriend is forcing her to wear a vulgar dress. And she also cautioned that “it’s ok, he wears skirts for me too.” In the end, the answer is no. katiana kay is not suffering from domestic violence by her boyfriend.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Has katiana kay married?

No, she is not married. She is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend. They have been living together for ten months. Katiana is gaining popularity online and will focus on the cannabis business online. Fans may be seen as husband–wife in the future. Let’s hope for the best for them and pray to God that they have a never-ending togetherness.

  1. How rich is katiana kay’s boyfriend?

His net worth is not revealed by him yet. People can assume that katiana and her boyfriend will live together and share all the expenses. They both have a good and luxurious lifestyle.

  1. Are katiana and her boyfriend spending time in the gym?

According to some sources of information, katiana is spending her maximum time in the gym and is very focused on her body and figure. She goes to the gym to work out five times a week. Conversely, Goodall has no interest in the gym or workouts.


With the advancement of technology, people get advanced too. Especially through social media, people get fame and name worldwide. Katina kay is a very famous name added to this list. She is not an influencer and model but a businesswoman too. And we can say that she is a good example of women’s empowerment. And she has a satisfying relationship too with her boyfriend. She is just growing in her field limitlessly. I hope that she will get the best in the future too. I hope she will shine brighter than a star in the sky.


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