What Are The Treatment Options For Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that mainly affects the face. It’s often mistaken for acne, but it’s an entirely different condition thought to be caused by bacteria, mites, or abnormalities in your blood vessels, with genetics also playing a role. The symptoms are easy to notice because they can be very frustrating, including hot flushing, swollen bumps or pimples, eye irritation, skin discoloration, larger pores, and visible blood vessels. Here are tips and treatment options you can use to manage the condition.

Protect Your Skin From Sunlight 

Most dermatologists recommend that you apply broad-spectrum or gentle sunscreen every day if you suffer from rosacea as studies have found that one of the main triggers is the sun. That is why you have to limit your exposure, and if you must go out, ensure you apply sunscreen. It will help you minimize the flare-ups and symptoms. The sunscreen should not contain any ingredients that can irritate your sensitive skin.

Choose The Right Skincare Products. 

You should always buy skincare products that are specifically made for sensitive or rosacea skin. Read the label and the ingredients before purchasing anything. Avoid products with alcohol, urea, lactic acid, fragrance, glycolic acid, menthol, or other harmful components. You can also test the products somewhere near the affected skin. Apply on a small spot; if it irritates the skin, you shouldn’t use it on the face. Products with anti-inflammatory ingredients will ensure the number of breakouts is minimal.

Avoid Wearing Makeup 

This sounds harsh, but it’s necessary. Makeup can hide the signs of rosacea, but it will leave your skin dry or irritated, and it will prolong the symptoms. If you let your skin breathe while you exfoliate now and then, the symptoms will disappear after a short while. The wrong cosmetics may even worsen the condition. Keep the face clean and makeup-free for a while, especially when the inflammation is at its peak. Be gentle when you are cleaning the face and avoid picking on the swollen bumps.

Reduce Stress 

Emotional stress is one of the leading triggers of rosacea flare-ups, so managing stress can help control the symptoms. Stress is inevitable at times, but finding some healthy coping mechanisms might help. If you keep track of your triggers, you may notice that the symptoms appeared when you were under heavy stress. Controlling this chronic skin condition is a stressful venture on its own. Try working out, breathing exercises, finding a support group, or finding a leisure activity you love and enjoy. Too much stress will cause dramatic physical and chemical changes that can trigger the symptoms.

Avoid Hot Beverages 

Hot tea, chocolate, or coffee can trigger a flare-up. The hot beverages will make your blood vessels dilate, and that is how you get flushing. You should start ordering your drinks iced when the symptoms begin. You can also let the steamy cup of coffee cool down first before you sip. These are minor adjustments that can help you manage your skin condition. When you learn how to tame the triggers, it won’t be long before the symptoms are gone.

Follow Your Treatment Plan

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for rosacea, but plenty of medical treatments can relieve the symptoms. So if you are under a treatment plan, ensure you follow it religiously. There are antibiotics, skin creams, and eye drops that the doctor might suggest. You may even get oral medication like isotretinoin that is used for severe cases. Whichever treatment plan you are under will help speed up the recovery. It’s essential to get such medicines from your doctor.


These treatment options will help you cope with rosacea. It can be an irritating condition, but if you stick to the treatment, it will be over before you know it, and the flare-ups will be minimal. However, if the symptoms get out of hand, consult a doctor for more aggressive forms of treatment.


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