Dermaflash: The Best Dermaplaning Tool on the Market

Dermaplaning has been steadily rising in popularity, and now, you can perform this skin-rejuvenating treatment from the comfort of your own home. Dermaflash offers the highest quality dermaplaning tools on the market at an affordable price, all while giving you the skin quality that you have always desired. This skin-shaving process removes the top layers of the epidermis to reveal brighter skin; reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars; and remove peach fuzz. 

The Founder

Beauty guru Dara Levy used to own a high-end medical spa in Chicago and eventually realized that she could make dermaplaning an at-home treatment for her clients to use. Levy sold her business and invested in creating a safe blading experience that could be used nearly anywhere to give women the natural glow they deserved. She has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, and InStyle, and she’s had various TV appearances promoting Dermaflash. 

Dermaflash One

The Dermaflash One device is ideal for those who want to remove peach fuzz while exfoliating their skin. Its blade takes off the top layer of skin, getting rid of any dark marks and acne scars that may be visible. Dead skin cells are gone with one use of this treatment. It comes with the device, charging cord, adapter, base, four extra edges, the pre-flash cleanser, and the post-flash moisturizer. All of these products work together to ensure that you have a safe experience and flawless skin after the first treatment. This regimen is completely safe for sensitive skin too.

Dermaflash Luxe

Dermaflash Luxe is the 2018 Best of Beauty Award winner from Allure magazine, making it the best dermaplaning tool. Its anti-aging properties have made it a favorite among celebrity makeup artists like Jamie Greenberg and Joanna Simkin, who were responsible for the looks of numerous celebrities at the 2018 Emmy Awards Ceremony, such as Issa Rae and Judith Light. They have named it the best dermaplaning tool available. These makeup artists reported that using the device prior to getting a celebrity ready resulted in a more even skin tone, smoother makeup application, and flawless results. 

The Dermaflash Luxe includes all of the same products as the Dermaflash One, but the device works even better. It has two settings, one more powerful than the other so that you have the ability to achieve a deeper microblading experience. 

How to Use

To use the Dermaflash products, start with the pre-flash cleanser on wet hands, and lather. Then, massage it into your face and rinse it off, patting dry when you are done. Click the power button on the device to turn it on. Hold the skin around your cheekbone and ear taut, and start using short, light strokes to glide the device across the surface of your skin. You should start seeing little bits of peach fuzz and dead skin coming off of the device as you use it. Avoid the eye area, lips, and the top of the nose. 

You used to be able to get these treatments done only by a licensed esthetician, but Dermaflash has changed the market so that you can do these treatments all from your own home. Fans of skin care have jumped on the bandwagon of not paying hundreds of dollars for treatments anymore; now, they use Dermaflash products instead. Take your skincare regimen into your own hands, and reduce those fine lines, wrinkles, acne marks, and more with the best at-home dermaplaning tools.



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