Three Tips for Achieving Healthier Hair

While many people struggle with styling their hair every morning, a bigger problem for most folks is achieving healthy hair in the first place. If the hair isn’t healthy to begin with, styling is going to be frustrating, and achieving the look you want may be nearly impossible. Thankfully, it’s not hard to improve the health of your hair. These three tips will highlight how investing in custom products, scheduling regular cuts, and avoiding certain processes can improve the health of your hair and make styling easier.

Invest in Custom Products for Your Hair Type

All hair is not the same. The texture of people’s hair can vary as significantly as the color. Shampoo and conditioner that you buy in the store may work to clean your hair, but if you want to improve the health of your hair, you can invest in products from a provider such as  Function of Beauty that are specifically designed to improve your specific type of hair. As with anything that is custom-fitted to you, the investment may be greater than what you normally would spend on hair products. However, utilizing a formula of shampoo and conditioner that is made specifically for your hair type will pay dividends in improving your hair’s health in the long run.

Schedule Regular Haircuts With a Professional

Not only does a professional stylist know how to cut your hair correctly to avoid split ends, but he or she will also use quality tools that won’t further damage your hair. Professional, sharp scissors are essential tools to ensure that the ends of your hair remain healthy. In addition, a stylist can give you advice on how to style your hair at home, and he or she can recommend styling products that will do minimum damage to your hair. It’s a good idea to schedule your next cut or trim before you leave the stylist. That way, you won’t put off calling to make that next appointment, which means you won’t wait too long between trims.

Don’t Bleach or Dye Your Hair Excessively

While many people enjoy dyeing and bleaching their hair every so often to achieve a different look, if you want healthy hair, avoid excessive use of these practices. Bleach can strip your hair of much-needed moisture and change the texture of your hair to be nearly unrecognizable. Dyeing can also strip moisture and change the texture in such a way that it will take more maintenance to keep the hair soft and manageable. Consulting your stylist before bleaching or dyeing is never a bad idea. He or she can go through the pros and cons with you.

In general, maintaining healthy hair doesn’t have to be hard. It may cost a bit more for custom products, but the rewards for investing in these products are significant. Utilizing professionals can help to prevent damage, and their expert knowledge is helpful. Finally, avoiding the overuse of certain practices such as dyeing and bleaching can help immensely. If you want healthier hair, it can be within your reach with some professional help and quality products. 



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