Eyeshadows by Juvia’s Place

Founded in 2014 by Nigerian-born, Chichi Eburu, Juvia’s Place has expanded so much in the last few years. Now being sold at Ulta, these colorful palettes feature the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

While the brand has expanded into other launches besides eyeshadow, these palettes are what originally put them on the map.

This black-owned brand has makeup that truly suits all skin tones.

I have two of these affordable palettes, The Nomad and The Magic Mini, and I’d love to share my thoughts with you!

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The Magic Mini

The Magic Mini by Juvia’s Place is a 16 pan eyeshadow palette inspired by the sun and the moon.

I really love the color story on this palette and how the warm shades are together, and the cool tones are clustered together. This shade layout makes it incredibly easy to use this palette for day and nighttime looks.

When looking at the palette, I see looks that can you can create from any row or any column, which would be an incredible lead on a look, if you’re ever feeling uninspired.

Some of these shades are so unique, I bought this palette for them but ended up loving the entire thing.

The stand out shades for me that made me gravitate to this palette were: 

  • Nubia, the metallic gold shade
  • Zakiya, the matte pumpkin orange
  • Kogi, a matte neon-esque red
  • Faso, a blue-purple duo-chrome metallic

I have yet to be disappointed in any of them, or any of the other shades. 

There are ten shimmers and six matte shades in this palette, which works for me. The shades Nana (a matte, warm brown) and Kesi (a matte cream) are incredible transition shades, which every palette needs, in my opinion.

The crowning glory of these palettes, however, is by far the metallic shades. The swatch and apply like a dream, with an almost buttery texture. They are so metallic that they look foiled when applied even when you don’t use water or a setting spray.

If you apply any of the metallics with your fingers, forget about it–they are incredible.

This palette has 5-stars on the Juvia’s Place website, and one reviewer said: “I like that there’s a mix of both cool and warm tones. They blend beautifully and are very pigmented. I love using a wet brush to make the metallics come through even more! [I] Just love this palette and also love the beautiful packaging!”

The Nomad

The Nomad palette by Juvia’s Place has nine pans. The best thing about the nine pan palettes (because there are more) is that the pan size about doubles.

There are not very many brands that have eyeshadows with the pan size that’s featured on The Nomad. This size is usually reserved for blushes, bronzers, and setting powders.

The Nomad Palette is another unique color story. Good yellow shadows are so hard to come by, and this palette has TWO. Marketed as a fall palette, I think this could be versatile year-round.

This product features six matte shades, two metallics, and one matte shade that has large pieces of glitter (the yellow shadow that’s in the top middle).

In photographs, the bottom right shade appears to be browner, but in natural lighting and on the eye, it comes off as a “dirty green” which I love and think is super versatile. This color looks fantastic on brown, green, and hazel eyes in the crease, or smoked out on the bottom lids.

According to the Juvia’s Place website, I’m not the only one who loves this palette. One reviewer said: “I am a collector of Juvia’s Place palettes, and this palette has to be the best palette yet! I am not really what you would say a NUDE PALETTE GIRL, but this palette is so buttery and pigmented, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I recommend this palette to everyone who wants consistency and [well-pigmented] shades for the price!”

Wrapping it all up

I love both of these palettes, and I think they work great in my collection. Juvia’s Place is a great way to try unbelievably unique shades without breaking the bank. The quality of their formulas makes the price point of these palettes an absolute steal.

Since their launch at Ulta, I’ve seen their section increase from a tiny little end cap, to wrapping around into the next aisle!

To be honest, there’s not one Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palette I wouldn’t be interested in trying. Every new launch looks incredible.

I also love how this line has a palette for everybody. If you’re looking for neon and bright shades, the Zulu could be your bae. If you exclusively use neutrals, give The Warrior a shot. The Masquerade is a combination of both vibrant and neutral shades. 

I can’t speak for other products in the Juvia’s Place line, but I know their palettes are incredible. So seriously, if you’re in the market or some new eyeshadow, check out Juvia’s Place first.


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