Dusky skin looks extremely sexy and glamorous. If you are endowed with such a complexion, you don’t have to worry about lying down in the sun to tan yourself. But, there is no denying the fact that a right touch of makeup can make you look even more beautiful.

With so many makeup products making the rounds of the beauty arena, you might get confused as to what shades to pick. This is especially true when it comes to picking the right lip color. However, picking the right shade of lipstick can work wonders for your look. Not sure, which lipstick shade to pick? Here are some beautiful shades of lip colors that work wonders for dusky complexion.

8 Great Shades that Work for Dusky Skin

Paint them Red

Red lipstick has been in vogue ever since it was introduced. Good news is that it looks good on all types of complexion. So, if you have a dusky skin, you can surely pick up this shade to paint your lips. Start off by lining your lips with a matching lip liner and then fill in the lip color using a small brush. Dab on some glitter to complete the look and make many a hearts go aflutter.

Go Copper Brown

This is one shade that is said to work wonders for the complexion of ducky women. Available in different hues, you can never go wrong with any of these shades. Wear these with casual as well as formal clothes. No matter, what the occasion, this shade is right for all dos.

Taupe Up

If you have a deep, dusky skin, then using a taupe shade on your lips would definitely gain you the admiring looks of all. Wear this with some glitter or gloss for formal functions and parties.

Chocolate Brown for Natural Look

This is a dark shade and looks more natural for your complexion. So, on days, when you are in the mood to go for a no makeup look, opting for a chocolate brown shade for your lips would help you get it.

Magnetize with Magenta

If you are the adventurous kind and love to don a shocking look once in a while, then a bright magenta lipstick is just the right choice for you. This would look great on your dusky complexion and make you look more appealing.

Fuse into Fuchsia

This is a shade that looks great on women with darker skin tone. The best part is that this shade has a number of variations and all are just perfect for the dusky complexion. So, try out all the hues of this shade. Surround yourself in an air of mystique with this lip color.

Dazzle with Bronze

If you just can’t wait to try on some metallic shade for your lips, opting for bronze would be the best bet. This is a color that would work wonders for your deep complexion. Using these for parties and evening functions would be a good idea.

Go Nude

If you want to get that million dollar look but are just not ready for bright shades, you can attain this by using a nude lip color. Go for a transparent lip gloss or lipstick. For a more dramatic look, fuse nude with bronze.

Though pinks and pastels are generally recommended for lighter skin tones, these too look good on dusky complexion. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these lip shades to get that perfect look.


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