Indian Bridal Makeup Step By Step – Bridal Makeup

Wedding, in general, is one of the most celebrated occasions around the world. And when it is about a person’s own wedding, then the whole world gets aside. The only thing that goes round the clock in the bride and groom’s head is what to do, how to make everything perfect and all. So, today we have taken one of the most important aspects for the special day, bridal makeup. Isn’t it the most focused and indeed beautiful thing to watch out for? Everyone is curious about how a young lady looks like in bridal attire.

To make it bridal makeup perfect, we are offering you bridal makeup step by step for an Indian bride. Let’s start with basic things to keep in mind while selecting a bridal makeup look.

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Dress color

The dress color you have selected for your big day is very important in deciding how to apply your makeup. The co-ordination of both gives it a complete look. So, first, decide with that and then proceed for the future.

Pre bridal makeup needs       

This is preparing your face for the day, making it glow and smooth. To obtain such effects, to-be-bride needs to opt for the cleansing of the face, using face packs to hydrate the skin so that the ever glowing effect comes up.

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Now come to the wedding day. Here, you have to be very selective about what you are doing to your face. So, go through these steps very sincerely and we assure you using these you will look radiating and ever beautiful bride.

  1. Wash your face

Proper washing of the face removes any dirt and cleans –up your skin perfectly. You can opt for the face wash or face soap that suits you the best.

  1. Moisturize skin

Using moisturizing cream would add smoothness and softness to the skin. But if you have oily skin, then avoid this step and proceed to the next step just after face wash.


  1. Makeup base application

Choose the base as per your skin tone. With a simple tapping technique, place the foundation evenly on your face. You can use fingers or even brush to do so. Just leave it for a few seconds to set properly.

  1. Applying concealer

For any sort of dark spots, pimples concealer does the magic. You only need to tap the concealer on the affected areas and make sure don’t rub it. Gently tap it and let it set.

  1. Applying primer

After you are set with the base of your face, now time for the eyes. If you have any dark circles, freckles or fine lines, these get effectively covered by primer application. Crepey skin under and around eyes get properly covered by applying primer to prepare your face for the Bridal makeup.

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  1. Highlighting facial features

To highlight facial features you need bronzer, foundation, base makeover. The process collectively is called contouring. 

  • Apply foundation on the face, forehead, below eyes and leave it so without blending it.
  • Now apply bronzer to the cheekbone, nose sides, upper head, chin, cheeks line, and straight nose bone.
  • Now with the contouring brush, gently do the tapping and brushing the contour color and merging smoothly with the base color.
  • Leave the contouring to settle down.

  1. Eye makeup

  • Start with the base of your eye.
  • Select base color that is rarely present in your bridal dress and not the primary color of the dress
  • Apply that base color all over your eye, like you can take the golden base
  • Now choose another contrary color like green, blue or color that goes complimenting your dress
  • Apply this color from the middle of the eye and proceed towards the eye corner and make an edge with it
  • To highlight your brows, apply white color eyeshadow below the brows
  • Now merge the colors smoothly with a brush
  • After this, apply mascara and eyeliner
  • Now using white eye pencil will give bigger looks for eyes
  • Properly do the finishing part and sprinkle eye shimmer evenly on the eyes.
  • You are ready with your eye bridal makeup

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  1. Finishing touch to the face

Apply blush and highlighter on the cheekbones

  1. Ready your lips

  • Make a lip base with the matching concealer or foundation tone
  • Apply lip color
  • Blend it with brush smoothly

Now set your Indian bridal makeup with the face powder. Don’t forget to choose a suitable hair-do for the day. You are ready with the Indian bridal makeup to look gorgeous on your special day.


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