Unique Bridal Mehendi Ideas That Stand Out

What even is that wedding which does not follow 21st-century trends? If you are getting married soon or know someone who is getting married soon, stay glued as we bring some of the latest and unique trends in bridal Mehendi designs.

Mehendi being the most traditional aspect of Indian weddings has evolved keeping all of its traditional essences intact. Every Indian bride looks forward to this ceremony waiting eagerly as it marks the start of the wedding festivities. Now, you do not want your Mehendi to turn out to be as regular and casual as everyone else’s right. So here we come with some ideas and list of bridal mehandi designs you can incorporate that will make your Mehendi look different than other usual designs over the internet.

Here are a few elements you can choose to add to the Mehendi design to make it look unique and attractive.


Besides the traditional figurines like peacock, elephants and Ganesha idol there are a whole lot of modern figurines like bride and groom illustration or caricatures, actual portraits of bride and groom or the parents of the bride.

  • Storytelling

Personalization of Mehendi designs can be one of the most creative things you can do at your wedding. You can have your entire love story depicted on your hands and legs. Add little elements or designs of how you met and other landmarks of your story to make it really special for you two.

  • Hashtags

While the internet is one place to use the hashtag, Mehendi design is another. Trust us it would look as good or even better on your arms. While generations ago people used to write the bride and groom’s name on the hands as part of Mehendi design, the use of a wedding hashtag can be looked at as an advancement in this regard.

  • Hobbyist elements

A soccer lover or Bollywood fan? Get it imprinted in your Mehendi design. There is absolutely no limit to what one can choose to put in their design. From a plant lover to a fashionista, everyone can use this idea for personalization

  • Binding elements

Having all the above ideas would mean nothing if your design doesn’t use the binding elements well enough. From a traditional jali to the modern french roses, use anything that can fit well with your unique Mehendi design. Make sure it doesn’t look stuffed so that your design looks elegant enough.

These ideas can be used for the Mehendi designs on hands or even on the feet. If you choose a certain themed design make sure that it is kept in sync for both hands and feet. We hope this article helps you figure out your unique Mehendi design.


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