Fashion Jewellery Essentials For A Winter Wedding

For every wedding, both the dress and the jewelry play a very important role. But if you are looking for fashion jewelry to club with traditional outfits, you have to be very vigilant. Firstly, demarcate your relation with the bride and then decide the lavishness with which you want your presence to be registered. 

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Especially when it is winter, the weather all around you is very pleasant. Amidst that, the first thing is to choose the style and trend of your jewelry, based on the following factors:

  • Jewel tones: The skin gets gorgeous in winter, and it glows the most with subtle platinum and silver jewelry. The metallic hue adds a depth to the serene color combinations in weddings. It is as gorgeous as modern to ditch the gold once for silver. With fashion jewelry, you can choose different bold colors of jewels, which stand out in the wintery environment.
  • Sequins: Sparkling stones and winter weddings really sync very well, together. You can pull off brilliant combinations in sparkling accents with the elegant use of glitter, sequins, gems, and dazzling elements in the fashion jewelry.
  • Natural elements: Inspired from the Bohemian fashion, it has been quite common to use certain natural elements like sea pearls and corals in fashion jewelry. These can be used as ring components in weddings, because of their exuberance and fancy rarity.
  • Warm tonality: As far as winters are considered, your look will have ample appeal if you include warm tones in your jewelry styling. For example, you can wear more orange and yellow shades in dressing, reflected by the translucent surface of pearls and silver accents. If your dress is very flashy, you can also go for golden hues in fancy jewelry, keeping in mind the color of stones and jewels.
  • Drop Earrings: If you are wearing a long-sleeved dress in be a wedding, keep your style minimal with drop earrings. They can easily add a bit of drama to your appearance while creating balance with the chosen couture. Go for drop earrings with gemstones, pearls, or other trending elements at the bottom for a touch of visual interest.
  • Pearls: No matter what the season is, a classic evergreen look of pearls is advised to be worn in all conditions. If you are not a big fan of plain white pearls, you can choose them in a variety of colors. A unique pearl style known as the Tahitian pearl is known for its classy black semblance. It is also available in green, blue, purple, and gray shades for an easy match with all colors of dresses. You can get a pearl as per your preferred color, style, and size.
  • Diamonds: You can never go wrong with diamonds. Be it a wedding or any special occasion, the sparkling diamonds can make you look gorgeous. Their versatility can suit any dress, be it western or traditional Indian, and the altering setting offers great mileage to your overall appearance. You can start with a dazzling pair of diamond earrings, and if your dress is very light in embroidery, you can choose a pair of diamond studs. Even designer diamond bracelets can be considered, matching your attire. 

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  • Dress pattern: The detailing of your dress is essential while selecting a piece of complementary fashion jewelry. If your dress is filled with glitzy charm, you must tone down the spark of your jewelry.
  • Neck design and sleeves: The neck design of your dress impacts the neckpiece that you carry along with it. Any garment with a high neckline should be carried with chains and pendants, which are not very gaudy. With short sleeves, you can pair various long hand accessories, but with long-sleeved dresses, do not opt for any bracelets.
  • Personal preference: We all have our own style statement, and it should be maintained through all our looks. Jewelry styling is all about being comfortable in what you wear, and so, if you are not used to long dangling earrings, go for the shorter ones only, irrespective of what suits the dress.
  • Colors: For long, we have been captured in the monotony of metallic shades. You can include a few colorful stones and fashion pieces, based on the color of your outfit. You can even use a multi-colored hairpin, as you desire.
  • Hairstyle: Some fashion jewelry pieces accentuate your look only with specific hairstyles. Be aware of such accessories and fix your hairstyle according to the rest of your selections.
  • Other accessories: It is not mandatory that you only wear fashion jewelry at weddings. Apart from it, there will be many accessories such as a shawl or a headcover, and you should take appropriate care of that. Do not wear a necklace that catches the threads of your wrap. Maintain general coordination between all that you wear. 

Additional tips on selecting fashion jewelry for weddings


  • Always balance your jewelry with the dress type. With heavy dresses, go for lighter sets and vice versa. Even if you are falling short on accessories, keep your look in compliance with the mood of the event.
  • Do not match the dresses excessively with jewelry. If you have a yellow attire, it is not mandatory to wear only yellow jewels.
  • While investing in jewelry, do not just look at the upcoming occasion. Think of the future use and invest in pieces which will be suitable with other types of dresses, too.
  • There will be dresses with a heavy neckline, which do not favor wearing necklaces. Even if you have to carry only earrings and rings, you are perfectly good for the occasion.
  • Seek professional help, if you are visiting any high profile event. Do not simply rely on your instincts when it comes to significant occasions.
  • In the case of weddings and regular occasions, wear what you love. Mostly go for your statement pieces and fashion jewelry for most comfortable looks.

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