What Is a Belt Bag and Why You Need One

While the fashion world is ever-evolving, people worldwide are opting for more comfortable fashion and style options. The previous “pain is gain” concept is not valid anymore for fashion loves and glam divas. The most prominent accessory for people is perhaps the bag they hold. While there are many bags available in the market, belt-bags never tend to go out of style.

Though they keep switching styles, belt-bags are always among the most loved accessories. They look chic, super stylish, are convenient, and much safer. If you haven’t been in touch with the fashion world lately, you might mistake belt bags for the old belly pouches your grandma used to wear. While many oldies are still present in the market, the belt bags have evolved considerably over time. To get to know more about belt bags, keep reading ahead!

What Is a Belt Bag?

A belt bag is a small bag worn around the body with a strap or belt. Belt bags have many names like the moon bag, bum bag, belly bag, and fanny pack. The origin of belt bags goes way back in time. However, they were declared the most trending fashion product in the 80s. Since then, their fame has only grown. The best thing about belt bags is that they are versatile, and everyone can rock them.

Why Do You Need a Belt Bag?

Millions across the globe love belt bags. No matter what area or place you belong to, you must have seen many people roam around the markets with these bags. Some people use these bags for their convenience, while others wear them as a fashion statement. You can choose either of the two reasons. If you’re still wondering why do you need a belt bags, here are some reasons:

They Are Practical and Comfortable

Belt bags are perhaps the most practical and convenient bags ever. Instead of carrying huge backpacks, you keep the basic necessary items at all times. These bags are the best and most amazing when it comes to comfort. They are light and easy to carry around. No more breaking your shoulders off due to heavy bags. The plus point of using belt bags is that they are multipurpose – you can keep your makeup, money, gadgets, accessories, or passports in them. Also, they can be worn anywhere and anytime. Fantastic! Right?

Always in Your Reach

The most significant plus point for belt bags is that they are always in your reach. They literally hang from your waist or across your shoulder. You don’t have to look for your essentials in the bag packs and suitcases. Just keep them in your belt bag, and you are ready to rock every trip.

Always in Style

Belt bags have been in style for decades. They are never out of fashion. However, their styles keep evolving. You need belt bags to stay in touch with fashion trends and appear classy. Formerly known as fanny packs, belt bags have evolved into a complete fashion statement. People who love to stay up-to-date with the world of style must get a belt bag right away.

Make Traveling Easier

Belt bags make traveling way more comfortable. You always have our tickets, passes, and passport within your reach. Also, these bags help you keep your stuff secure and safe from thieves. If you have a habit of losing things every time during traveling, belt bags are just what you need. If you plan your Phuket trip these holidays, don’t forget to get yourself a stylish and comfy belt bag.

No Problem With Flights Anymore

Did you know that belt bags are not counted as hand luggage while boarding a plane? Yes! You can have a belt bag with you during your flight, and it won’t be added to your luggage. How convenient is that? All the more reason for travelers to grab one the next time they travel abroad.


Belt bags are the most versatile and go with anything. You can wear them in different styles and pair them up with different clothes. Whether you are a skirt person or shorts and jeans lover, belt bags are the perfect accessory to every outfit you wear. With the help of these bags, you don’t have to worry about the pocket-less dress anymore!

Both Genders Can Wear Them

Belt bags don’t discriminate! You heard it! Both men and women can wear belt bags and look fantastic. Many brands also offer unisex belt bags, while others have varieties for men and women in different materials and colors. All you have to do is opt for and buy the bag you like the most, and you’re ready to shine!


Belt bags are the most convenient way of carrying important items and accessories. They look stylish and offer security to important items like passports and credit cards. Belt bags are for everyone regardless of whether you are a store worker, who needs tools and stationary at all times, or someone who loves fashion. If you don’t have a belt bag yet, go and get one right away!



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