We all have that one bottle of Coca Cola lying a home, despite being told by our parents “Don’t drink it! It’s bad for you!” But, did you know that, apart from gulping down this delicious goodness, there are so many uses of Coca Cola in your daily life! Here are a few daily uses of Coca Cola!

Different Uses Of Coca Cola

1. Cleaning Old Coins

You’ve probably heard you mom or dad complain about how dirty the coins are in your house, or perhaps you keep screaming at your kids every time they touch the coins, out of fear of contamination. Stop worrying now!

It’s pretty simple really – just take a glass full of Coca Cola and let your coins soak in the for a little bit. Take it out and wipe them. OMG! So shiny, right?

2. Grout Cleaner

We’ve all gone through that phase where we have looked at our bathroom and wondered how on earth it got so dirty. This normally happens because of the dirt accumulating in the joining of the tiles – where the grout is.

Take an old toothbrush and some Coca Cola and gently scrub the grout in between the tiles and Voila!

3. Eyeglasses Cleaner

This particular tip is my favorite! Quite often I find myself attempting to clean my glasses by wiping it on my shirt or handkerchief. Stop doing that right now!! Not only does it not actually clean your glasses, but it also scratches them up!

Take a little cloth with some Coca Cola and wipe your glasses clean with it! Scratch-proof and cleaner lens!

4. Grow-More!

Attempting to grow plants in little pots can be quite difficult for someone inexperienced. Here’s a tiny tip: pour some Coca Cola into the little pot. This will allow your plant to breath better, thanks to all the little soda bubbles!

5. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

One of the uses of Coca Cola is to get rid of all those disgusting stains in your toilet bowl. But, trust me when I say – This most certainly works!

Just pour some Coca Cola in the bowl and let it sit for some time before you scrub. Once you’re done, flush and watch all the dirt go straight down the drain!

6. Jellyfish Sting

Being stung by a jellyfish is possibly one of the worst feelings in the world. Being told that someone needs to pee on it, now that’s just sad. Skip that embarrassment (and grossness) by simply pouring some Coca Cola over the wound. One of the best ways to use it in my opinion.

7. Gum In The Hair

Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? And then freaked out so bad because now you will have to cut your precious locks? You can breathe easy now, thanks to the many differents uses of Coca Cola.

Use some fresh Coca Cola to help release the gum from your hair!

8. No More Skunk Odor

If you happen to have a skunk family staying in your backyard, one that your dog just won’t leave alone; then I strongly suggest you keep a bottle of Coca Cola at home at all times!

Sure tomato juice works, but Coca Cola is actually better (and cheaper).

9. Marker Stains

If you have a kid a home then this is something that might actually bring you tears of joy! Remember that time that your toddler decided ‘Hey! Let’s decorate the house with marker stains!’ Well here is your savior – Coca Cola!

But remember, the trick here is to dab and not rub as this will spread the marker instead of removing it.

There you have it! 9 Ways in which you can use this amazing delicious Coca Cola product, as a daily household product! Don’t forget to share these tips and tricks of the different ways to use Coca Cola, with your friends! And if you know any other ways in which we can use Coca Cola, then do leave a comment below!


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