If we could, we would all probably live in our swimsuits during summer months. And every year, more and more people are actually embracing this trend. So what is the next logical move, I ask you? Making swimsuits look chic, DUH! With just a tiny amount of effort, you can turn your basic swimsuit into a super stylish summer outfit you can wear anywhere – from the beach to a lunch date and everywhere in between.

Pay close attention.

Sun protection

Sure, SPF is always trendy and a must during summer, but we are not here to talk about creams today. Get yourself a pair of stylish shades in order to protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays. When shopping, make sure you get sunglasses that are marked to have UV protection (or polarized lenses). When it comes to the style, note that oversized ones are currently both more popular and will provide you with more protection than classic cat-eyes. However, you should choose a frame that works best for your face shape.

A hat will keep your face protected, and if it is large and floppy, it will also protect your neck. If you have a simple swimsuit, go with a big, floppy, colourful hat that will make you stand out, and if your bathing suit is bedazzled, go with a simple fedora.


Makeup can also be quite an accessory to your bathing suit. However, when wearing makeup to the beach, there is a whole new set of rules to be followed in order to keep your face on-fleek at all times. Firstly, make sure you avoid creamy and thick foundations, since they will melt off instantly. Combat the extra shine with the help of powder-based products and stiff brushes. Next, opt for a matte bronzer, since a shimmery one will make your skin look greasy, unnatural and overdone. Finally, make sure all your products are waterproof – including your mascara, concealer, eyeliner and eyeshadow. This way you will prevent creasing and smearing.

Oh, and when it comes to lips, forget about lip glosses and focus mainly on either lipsticks or lip stains.


Even though your new heel sandals do wonders when it comes to elongating your legs, you will agree that they are not the most practical footwear for the beach, right? After all, all this is about making you feel sexier and more stylish in your swimsuit, not about turning you into a slave of your clothes. In other words, you should definitely opt for some stylish flats, and if you still want some height, go with wedges. The style of your shoes depends entirely on your swimsuit style.

Beach bag

Stylish beach bags are definitely must-have accessories for anyone who wears stylish and trendy swimwear during summer. A true fashionista cannot possibly step a foot outside her home without the newest edition of her favourite fashion magazine, a couple of towels, sunblock, blotting papers and maybe even some food. In other words, your beach bag has to be both practical and trendy. Also, have in mind that beach bags can easily be ruined because of all the sand and water, so make sure you don’t go with anything TOO fancy. Waterproof fabrics and materials such as canvas will definitely do the trick.

Summer scarf-sarong

This bad boy aka the lightweight summer scarf will definitely glam up your beach look, not to mention that it will also protect you against sunburns. Go with a large one that can double up as sarong tied around your waist.

Bedazzle it

Who said jewellery can’t work at the beach? Why wouldn’t you spice up your swimsuit with a couple of basic hoops or one delicate pendant necklace? And if that seems like too much, you can also go with materials such as enamel, resin, lucite and plastic that will hold up to all the swimming and sandy pursuits. Neon jewellery looks great with black or white swimsuits.


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