Essential footwear you should get for your toddlers

You know what, toddlers’ feet grow at a phenomenal rate from the birth to two-year age group. 

For an individual, it is essential to recheck and measure toddlers’ feet every six weeks.

Nevertheless, the first two years of toddlers’ development are rapid and require a high level of attention on your kid.

Physically the kids work on learning to crawl, sitting and the very last stage of learning is standing, and for that purpose, you need to take care of their feet. 

There are many types of essential footwear that you should consider for your toddlers, such as school shoes, pre-walking shoes, boots, high tops, fleshing LED shoes, and sports shoes.

Here are some shoes that you should get for your toddlers-

Pre-walking shoes

When your baby kid is about to explore the surroundings, you should help them in keeping their feet strong and safe by pre-walking shoes.

However, the use of these pre-walking shoes will keep the feet of your toddler protected and help them in supporting their first step.

Other than this, the pre-walking shoes are those which a child starts wearing from childhood. 

School shoes

The school shoes for the kid help them in managing the school starting days well by keeping their toes warm.

The school shoes are those that quickly get worn and come apart, which makes your child comfortable.  

However, the use of school shoes makes your kid habitual of formal wear, and through this, your toddler will be able to wear any kind of formal shoes.

High tops 

High-tops shoes are those which look good on your child, whether a girl or a boy and create a better impression. 

However, these shoes extend slightly over the ankle of the wearer, which gives comfortability to the kid, so this should be part of the essential footwear.    


A boot is an essential part for the kid in summer vacation, especially as it helps in protecting their feet and legs from tanning.

Nevertheless, the boots help in covering the area till the ankle and sometimes till the knee or lower calf of toddlers. So, the use of boots should be done by parents to protect the skin of their kids and make them habitual of these boots.

Flashing LED shoes

When it comes to the look of shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is flashing LED shoes, as these are the most appealing and attractive shoes for the child. 

For both girls and boys, inhibited flashing LED on the edges of shoes works well when it glows and shows flash while walking. 

This may help your kid show interest while walking, which is a beautiful source of playing for a toddler. 

Sports shoes

Sports shoes are essential for any kid, either boy or girl, as children love to do sports activities and in it sports shoes help them.

Along with this, sports shoes are attractive and colourful looking, which leads to better satisfaction for a toddler.


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