4 types of men’s trousers that will elevate your style

As a staple of a man’s wardrobe, a quality pair of trousers has the ability to make your wardrobe and each one of your outfits. While trends come and go, there are some types of trousers that can last for years, giving off a sense of power, sophistication and an air of class, no matter how you wear them. 

Struggling to know which types of trousers to invest in? Below, we’ll take a look at some of the top men’s trouser trends, from timeless classics to the latest pieces that will ensure your outfit looks effortlessly cool every day. 

Corduroy trousers

The corduroy trouser trend first hit the men’s fashion scene in the early 70’s, in which they were a huge hit around the globe. Not only are they incredibly comfortable to wear, they give off an effortlessly stylish look that can’t help but remind us of Ross and Chandler in Friends. 

Today, corduroy jeans are seeping back into men’s wardrobes, in which they’re easy to pair with a variety of other items, from cotton shirts to t-shirts. Most popular in neutral shades of brown or black, these trousers can be worn for a variety of occasions, though they’re mainly for the everyday scene rather than a more classy evening or a dinner date. 

Twill chinos

Taking it back to old school style, twill chinos are the perfect smart casual trousers that can go from office wear to evening wear with ease. With twill chinos, it’s important to choose a quality pair that indicates their high craftsmanship and in turn, they’ll offer reliability, sophistication, and style for quite a few years to come. 

While we wouldn’t recommend wearing these to the next board meeting at the office, they’re great for everyday work and can be dressed up slightly or paired down, depending on your mood. Generally speaking, twill chinos look great with a t-shirt, casual jacket and some smart trainers or other type of laid-back shoes.

We recommend going for a more neutral colour that will be easy to pair, such as a dark grey, khaki or navy blue. 

Dress pants

No man can get away with not owning a pair of dress pants. Whether it’s a smart occasion or you’re looking to pull off a sophisticated smart-casual look, dress pants are a staple item that has to be in your wardrobe. If it’s for a more formal occasion like work, we recommend teaming your dress pants with a blazer and some smart shoes, or even a shirt with a sweater over the top too. 

Many dress pants usually come in a slim fit and are made of a quality material that could set you back a little, however they’re worth the investment. As one of the most important styles of pants to own, it’s important to invest in a couple of colours for a number of occasions, including black, navy and grey. 

Stacked jeans

While skinny jeans have been a staple of most men’s wardrobes since early 2008, the age of the skinny jeans is now sadly starting to fade, leaving some in a complete state of distress over what to wear instead, while others are jumping for joy at the fact they are on their way out.

Taking over the skinny jeans style, stacked jeans are again becoming a popular style to wear, offering comfort and a classically cool look. You’ve most likely seen the latest artist or celebrity rocking a pair of these jeans lately, and with good reason. Not only are they ultra-comfy to wear, but they are also so easy to pair with other items for an effortlessly cool outfit in seconds. 

Overall, these four types of trouser styles should be a staple classic of every man’s wardrobe and make it easy to pull off a great looking outfit everyday. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get investing in some new staple trouser classics. 


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