9 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable 

Many people can’t seem to break free from the addiction to fast fashion. Every internet haul, every spontaneous buy, and unworn garments bought for a one-time occasion that lies in wardrobes is killing the earth. It is reported that textile production wastes account for 20% of clean water pollution. It also causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and landfills. Therefore, choosing sustainable clothes are excellent ways to help the environment. Here are a few ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable. 

Invest In Quality Clothes

Having a sustainable wardrobe starts with purchasing quality clothes. Good clothes reduce environmental pollution and last longer than low-quality ones. Asides from that, choosing quality materials helps to save money in the long run. Meanwhile, fast fashion clothes may be cheap but damaged earlier. 

Buy All Season Clothes 

Everyone has a few outfits that they wear year-round and never change. This quick and straightforward approach reduces your environmental impact when shopping. If you buy clothes that you can wear all year round; they won’t end up gathering dust at the back of your closet. Investing in clothing that will function in every climate is brilliant if you know you’ll wear it a lot. The point is to justify your purchases when you know you’ll get a lot of use out of them.

Repair Worn Out Clothes 

Learning to fix your clothing is one of the most acceptable ways to dress more sustainably. Sewing clothes may seem not easy at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. You can learn sewing, stitching, and repairing old clothing from numerous platforms on the internet. Look for old items of clothing in your closets that you don’t wear anymore and give them a second life.

Consider Your Favourite Sustainable Brands 

Shopping for ethical and ecological clothing is a breeze once you know your favourites. Look for companies that are open about their materials and production process. In addition, look for companies that hold their suppliers to high environmental standards and make demonstrable steps to preserve employees and the earth. 

Investigate a company’s environmental policies to learn if they use organic or recycled fabrics to produce the items you’re considering purchasing. With a bit of help from antique and thrift pieces of clothes, you may create a more sustainable wardrobe. Also, remember to include your favourite sustainable shoes like Gucci. Get the full Gucci shoe collection here at SSENSE to get you started. 

You shouldn’t only rely on environmentally friendly detergent. If you use too much washing powder, your clothing can start to feel stiff and appear dull, so be careful. You can employ baking soda as a natural detergent enhancer in place of half the recommended quantity.

Purchase Second Hand Clothes 

Second-hand shopping has become a craze, and the environment is delighted about it for the first time. Buying used clothing is one of the most environmentally friendly methods to acquire new clothing. As a result, the best environmentally friendly dress you can buy is pre-made. They don’t require any new resources or energy to produce, making used goods an ecologically friendly option.

Even if your only options are items from your local charity shops, you don’t have to stop there. Shop online without remorse at Depop, where you can sell your wares for a little bit of additional cash.

Focus On Clothes Intention Before Purchase 

It is critical to make thoughtful purchases regarding apparel to build a long-term wardrobe. As soon as you’ve figured out what you need, start thinking about how these items should appear. Using these, you could put together three alternative looks with the clothes you currently own. Make a list of colours that go well with your current clothing and daily routine before shopping. You’ll be less likely to be side-tracked if you know what you need before shopping.

Take Care Of Your Clothes 

Every piece in your wardrobe should be something you cherish, not simply your latest jacket or most costly outfit. By preserving your clothes, you’ll save money in the long run by keeping your garments looking their best and lasting longer. If unsure how to care for your clothing, you may always wash it on a lower, gentler cycle.

Employ Eco Laundry Products 

Now there are several eco-friendly alternatives to conventional laundry detergent that are still effective at cleaning and freshening your clothing. They are frequently made with concern for the environment and contain natural materials.

Check The Label 

Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s time to check the care label. It would help if you continuously verify the garment’s sustainability promises before purchasing. Most brands use buzzwords to deceive customers into believing that a garment is environmentally friendly. The fashion industry uses phrases like natural that aren’t regulated to hide items that aren’t necessarily more environmentally friendly.

An additional trick is to emphasise the positive aspects of a garment to obscure the negative aspects. Always compare the care label to the external claims of the product. If you’re still unsure whether clothing is biodegradable, read on. Before making a purchase, do a short web search to learn more about the brand. If you use this advice, creating a more environmentally friendly wardrobe should be a piece of cake.


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