10 Types of Anarkali Suits for Wedding

The statement Indian ethnic couture popularized ever since the screening of Madhubala in her iconic Anarkali suit dancing elegantly to the “Jab Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya?” in Mughal-E-Azam followed by Rekha and many others. The versatile garment that secured a safe spot in every woman’s wardrobe is the glorious Anarkali suit with layers of immaculate detailing and exquisite artwork is back in vogue and how! Bollywood celebrities adorning the stunning Anarkali suit both on and off-screen is giving us major goals to embrace the retro fashion in style. If you’re planning to get a trendy anarkali suit tailored for the upcoming wedding season or festivities, look no further than our list specifying types of anarkali suits.

1. Cape Anarkali Suit

Cape Anarkali Suit

The ever-stylish and uber-fashionable trend on our radar means contemporary cape-style anarkali suit. Long and sleek cape attached with the anarkali suit comes in a myriad of designs, sheer, embroidered, laced with the thread work, handwoven and printed, these capes just add a feather of magic to your ensemble while giving a modish structure to your outlook and voila, you are all set to shine brighter like the sun in the midst of moon and stars.

2. Jacket Anarkali Suit

Jacket Anarkali Suit

Yet another style which is making rounds in the B-Town glamour world is that of a layered jacket look over a sassy anarkali suit and we’re completely crushing on the gorgeous trend. A glance at the effervescent Drashti Dhami in her handwoven slit jacket anarkali suit makes us go weak at her knees. The swoon-worthy details on that contemporary jacket doubled up as an anarkali suit is every pound priceless. Effortlessly chic and uber-modish, this ensemble works like a sure-fire for modern women who love to experiment with their clothing and bring a fresh perspective to the classic pieces. Read more about Anarkali Styles here: https://www.vivaron.in/dreamzone/5-anarkali-styles-to-look-charming-this-wedding-season/

3. Layered Anarkali Suit

Layered Anarkali Suit

Twirl pretty in your a massive anarakli suit with extraordinary detailed layers to add the dimension and structure to your royal glorious self. Ditch the signature lehenga choli and embrace the goodness of heavy and plush look of the layered anarkali suits. If that’s not making your heart skip a beat, we don’t know what will make.

4. Asymmetrical Anarkali Suit

Asymmetrical Anarkali Suit

Thanks to the modern couturiers for bringing forth this spectacular trend of the asymmetrical cuts and flared suits back in vogue. We love how the seamless falls and creaseless borders to create a mesmerizing illusion of a full structured hem. Just like the girl slays in a saffron hued asymmetrical anarkali suit in an event, you can flaunt your contemporary style at the festivals, family gatherings and special occasions. Get it tailored or shop from the Pure Elegance exquisite anarkali designs.

5. Floor-Length Anarkali Suit

Floor-Length Anarkali Suit

The everlasting classic choice of all the Bollywood ladies is that signature floor-length anarkali suit. When in doubt, floor them out with your vivid style of representation and let them ponder in awe of your grace and poise, reflected through this elegant, ensemble, effortlessly. Available and curated in a variety of styles, you can invest in at all-embroidered, handwoven, thread work, lace-laden, or embellished floor-sweeping anarkali suit in an array of fabrics like silk, georgette, cotton, net and chiffon. Suitable for all events and occasions, you will never go wrong in a classic floor-length anarkali suit, up your game in this gorgeous ensemble and add some jazzy accessories to further rock the Indian look.

6. Pakistani Anarkali Suit

Pakistani Anarkali Suit

Beauty comes in all the shapes and sizes, just like the vivacious anarkali suit that never ceases to leave them gaping in awe. One of the most fascinating trends in anarkali suit is the modern twist of the Pakistani style that has taken the fashionistas by storm and got our heart drooling for it all the more. Heavily embroidered and embellished, the Pakistani anarkali suits come with an over layered jacket to further accentuate the royalty of the wearer. You may opt to style your attire with a dupatta or ditch it, in the way you like, and keep your style sensibilities on a high.

7. Bollywood-Inspired Anarkali Suit

Bollywood-Inspired Anarkali Suit

Endearing and encapsulating, the Bollywood celebrities have smeared us with their exotic ensembles and taken us aback with their gorgeous anarkali trends. From the floor-sweeping beauties to anarkali turned gowns, designer anarkali suits et al, take some inspiration from our leading divas of B-Town and imitate the trend at your gala soirees with some panache and the flamboyance. Exuding a touch of the fine grace and poise, take some notes girls and rock the wedding season with your uber-glam game.

8. Designer Anarkali Suits

Designer Anarkali Suits

Elaborately designed with a dash of class and dollops of grace, doll up in a designer anarkali suit to exude flamboyance and utter the gorgeousness. Elevate your personal style as you kick the wedding season with the pastel and soft hued silhouettes with some added understated glam. From the Swarovski-embellished anarkali gowns to intricately woven and handcrafted chikankari, pashmina anarkali suits, the possibilities and endless, so are the wide options. Adorn the surreal beauty of the designer anarkali suits and layer a decorative dupatta to further your style quotient.

9. Contemporary Anarkali Suit

Contemporary Anarkali Suit

Move over the traditional and clichéd anarkali suits, it’s time to embrace the unconventional and contemporary trend with the side slits, cropped anarkalis, colour-blocking themes et al. Nobody carries the contemporary anarkali better than our fashion sensation Drashti Dhami with her slick charm and grace, she will blow your mind away. Just a colour burst with oodles of the contemporary cuts and flares followed by shining armour, Drashti’s sartorial style sensibilities complement the bespoke and non-conformist fashion sense.

10. Anarkali Gowns

Anarkali Gowns

Ever heard of this bizarre style, which is ruling the glamour world lately? Well, if not, you should gather some quintessential information because it will give you the best of both the worlds with an ecstatic grace and poise with a touch of ushering in the glamour and scintillating styles. Sequins, embellished, lace-laden et al, anarkali gowns are proceeding as the hot haute couture this wedding season with cocktail soirees and reception functions becoming the “it” thing.

11. Cotton Anarkali Suit

Cotton Anarkali Suit

Let the summer breeze kiss you softly leaving an enchanting nip in the air as you step along in a fancy cotton anarkali suit. Handwoven and handcrafted in cotton silhouette, it is intricately detailed with chikankari or subtle hand embroidery to emanate sophisticated yet urbane look. Pair a silver oxidized jhumkas with choker necklace or just go bear with nude lips to accentuate your sassiness.

12. Silk Anarkali Suit

Silk Anarkali Suit

How can we don’t love the surreal silhouette of silk that instantly lends a royal touch to your look. With heaps and loads of everlasting grace and poise, silk anarkali suits are one of the most coveted garments and the versatile piece of clothing for every Indian woman. Apt for weddings, festivals, events, family gatherings and special occasions, silk is considered to be auspicious and culturally-rich in the Indian heritage.

In our wide gamut of the anarkali suits, which one did you love the most? Our heart is biased towards the stunning range of anarkali gowns, that are every Bollywood celeb’s go-to outfit and a modish woman’s signature piece. Anarkali gowns and floor-sweeping gowns have garnered popularity and attained its space in the heart of a woman, so brace yourselves and invest in the stellar designer anarkali gowns.


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