Trust us…we mean it! you are wonderful. Happy Women’s Day!

Woman is said to be one of the most perfect creations of the God Almighty. Considered to be the correct balance of beauty and brains, she has been treading the earth ever since the beginning of time. However, over the years, the male dominated society has tried to suppress women and keep them behind the four walls of their house. The result – this special creation of God has completely forgotten all the great qualities that God has endowed her with. Most times we women remember what we are capable of, but at times, we need to be simply reminded of the same!

It is high time that women stop taking the unfair treatment in their stride. After all, they are much more special than they actually realize. For all those women out there, who have completely lost touch with their inner selves, here is a reminder as to why woman is so special. Yes woman, here is precisely why you are so special!!

-You propel the wheel of life

Nature has you and only you to thank when it comes to bringing new life into the world. The Almighty has endowed you with the ability to ensconce life within you and nurture it for nine months, unless it is able to thrive by itself in the environs. Without you, the wheel of life would come to a complete stand still and the world would come to an end.

-You are mentally THE strongest

Though you are known as the weaker sex, when it comes to facing hardships, time and again women have proved that they are much stronger than their male counterparts. Many times men are witnessed to crumble under pressure. “Behind every successful man there is a woman” was not coined just like that. You are not only strong enough to face the hardships that come your way, you also have the ability to support your loved ones and keep them going when they are feeling low and lost.

-You are the best caregiver

If you turn the pages of history, you will see that the most famous care givers in the world have been women. From Florence Nightingale to Mother Teresa or a lesser known woman, every lady has the ability to care for her family and her loved ones. From the time you wake up to the time you sleep, you think of nothing else but the needs and happiness of your loved ones. In spite of this being in a thankless job, you keep at it all through your life, selflessly.

-You are the best at multitasking

This is a trait that only women possess. Ask a man to multitask and most often than not he would botch up the whole thing. You, on the other hand can cook a meal as you wash the dishes and get your kids’ homework done. Or, you can design a perfect presentation as you also take orders from your boss and deal with the different phone calls and emails.

-Your smile can lit up the home

Yes, the happiness of your family revolves around you. A bad day for you generally turns into a bad day for the whole family. But, on the days when you are present with your radiant smile, your loved ones forget all their worries and wallow in the love and care that you lavish on them. That’s the power your smile possesses.

-You can go on and on

Have you ever seen a man working through the house even when he is running a high fever? But, there is hardly a woman who has not cooked a meal even when she was ill or barely strong. This actually negates the fact that women are physically weaker. Woman, you are much stronger than the world lets you to believe.

-You connect, emotionally

Communicating and connecting with others seems to be a thing that comes easily to all. But, when it comes to connecting with people at an emotional level, there is no one that can do this better than fairer sex. With your caring smile and loving words, you can make your way into every heart.

Ladies, if you look within, you will find that the happiness that you are searching for lies inside your heart. Don’t let the world make you feel inferior. They do it just because they are scared of the strengths that God has gifted you with. You are special and will remain so!

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