Do Not Let Alopecia Hamper Your Beauty

We all want to look attractive and appealing at all times. Our crowning glory that adds substance to our personality and outlook is undoubtedly our hair. Sadly, due to excessive stress and a tough, competitive, and a hectic lifestyle, Alopecia or hair loss has become a widespread problem with people of every age group and gender. Alopecia is mainly caused when the body’s immune system begins to attack the healthy hair follicle cells. However, depending on the condition and amount of hair loss, there are various conditions of Alopecia. Hence, there are different kinds of wigs for Alopecia to cater to the respective needs of varied patients. 

Five Different Kinds of Wigs for Alopecia Patients

Alopecia or hair loss, for whatever reason, can be quite disturbing. However, getting custom wigs for Alopecia is not difficult at all. Here is a list of the five most common and major wig types for starters to refer to.

Classic capless/standard wigs

This wig requires low maintenance and is constructed with strips of hair sewn together mechanically. These capless wigs have an open weft, covering 20%-90% of the base, depending upon the level of hair loss. It is more comfortable when the wefts of the wig are more openly spread. They are ready to wear and easy on the pocket as well, but it is difficult to style these wigs.

Monofilament wigs

The base of monofilament wigs are also constructed with wefts on the back and the sides with ultra-fine mesh fabric. It blends with the skin tone of the wearer and even provides room to part in whichever direction one wants the hair to fall.

Lace front wigs

As the name suggests, lace front wigs have an additional lace border on the front, while other features of it are similar to the monofilament wigs. The wig to skin transition in this wig type is very natural and smooth. However, it is quite expensive.

100% Hand-tied wigs

These wigs are extremely lightweight and comfortable, as each and every strand of hair is tied to the monofilament base manually. The softness of the base adds to the comfort level.

Silicone/vacuum wigs

These wigs can be custom fitted to the wearer’s head-size as they are made of 100% silicone. They are made using vacuum prosthesis and are best for those with complete hair loss. The silicon to skin grip is solid and gives a very stylish look to the wearer.


All the above mentioned are custom wigs for Alopecia patients and can be used by first-timers as per their requirement and specifications. Considering one’s budget and convenience of use, one can opt from any of them.




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