5 Car Maintenance Tips Every Vehicle Owner Should Know About

To keep from having to pay thousands on car repairs, you should be proactive with its treatment. A small amount of care here and there could make the difference between driving something for ten year or five. The best tire shine isn’t just about looks, it is a way to tell the current care level of the car.

5. Keep Fluids Topped Off

The coolant, power steering and oil should be checked on a schedule. Not the schedule that tells you it is time for a change, but your own personal schedule. Often drivers don’t even look at these fluids unless it is time for a change or their lights tell them to. Make it a point to look at the fluids once a month, especially when the weather changes. There will be some quick drops in them that you didn’t expect.

4. Watch the Tire Pressure

There are millions of people each day that drive around on tires that are not fully inflated. Sometimes they will see the tire needs to be filled, but decide to take a drive and get to it later. Procrastinating with tire pressure can lead to major car damage. Make it easier on yourself by getting a home tire inflator with a built-in pressure gauge. It is an all in one tool that will prevent the most common problem with new and old cars.

3. Read The Owner’s Manual

There are owners’ manuals in twenty-year-old cars that are I pristine condition from lack of use. The owner’s manual always contains important information about your car, and should never be ignored. Plenty of basic troubleshooting and maintenance instructions are included that will save you time and money. If your car is missing the manual, then there is always a copy to be found only. Print it out or save on your phone in digital form so that you always have a reference.

2. Keep It Clean!

Dirty cars don’t immediately cause problems. The dirt and debris play the long game, and is capable of chipping paint, cracking windows and even damaging vital parts. Stay ahead of this problem by keeping your car clean, inside and out. The interior is usually the first thing to get damaged from an unclean car. This hurts resale value and lessens the chance you will get a good price for your vehicle.

1. Don’t Ignore The Warning Lights

When a warning light goes off while driving, pull over as soon as possible. Think of the warning lights as the last resort to let you know that things are about to go horribly wrong. Drivers treat the lights as a caution, and that is the wrong approach to take. Don’t delay with fixing this problem, and consider the possibility of investing in an OBD scanner.

Wrap Up

Take the initiative required to make a car a vital part of your lifestyle. Instead of using it as a recyclable thing, make it a lifelong purchase that gives more than it takes. There are no replacements for good habits, so develop them with your car.


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