All About the Kitty Cut: This Year’s Most Popular Haircut

The “kitty cut,” characterized by its playful short layers and textured fringe, is quickly becoming the must-have haircut of 2024. This versatile, low-maintenance style boasts a stunning blend of classic and modern features and works well for all hair types. While it shares similarities with the edgy wolf cut, the kitty cut offers a softer, more polished approach.

This isn’t the first time the animal kingdom has influenced hair trends, as the wolf cut on curly hair recently enjoyed its moment in the spotlight. But now, the kitty has emerged as the king (or queen!) of the mane, offering a chic and manageable option for anyone seeking a fresh, fashionable style. 

What Is the Kitty Cut?

The kitty cut is essentially a long bob (lob) with strategically placed layers. This haircut generally falls around the collarbone, offering a flattering length for most face shapes. The key defining elements are these layers, which add texture, volume and movement. The layers are typically concentrated around the face and throughout the ends, framing the features and creating a sense of effortless style. Additionally, the kitty cut often incorporates curtain bangs to further enhance the overall look.

Origins and Inspiration

The kitty cut draws inspiration from two popular styles — the 1970s shag haircut and the more recent wolf cut trend. The shag was known for its choppy layers and a carefree, textural vibe. The wolf cut, on the other hand, took this concept further by introducing even more dramatic layering and contrasting lengths, creating a more edgy and disheveled look. The kitty cut encompasses the best of both worlds, offering the playful texture of the shag and the versatility of the wolf cut while ultimately creating a more refined and wearable style. This evolution caters to those who seek a modern and trendy haircut without sacrificing practicality or manageability.

Benefits of the Kitty Cut

The kitty cut’s versatility shines through its adaptability to various hair types, textures and face shapes. Its layered structure adds volume and texture to fine hair while taming thickness in fuller manes. The adjustable length and bangs can flatter various face shapes, adding balance and highlighting individual features. It truly works on just about everyone!

The low-maintenance nature of the kitty cut is another major perk. The subtle layering doesn’t require frequent trims, and it can be styled with minimal effort, making it ideal for busy lifestyles. The inherent texture and movement of the kitty cut also work beautifully with natural curls, offering an easy way to embrace their bounce without extensive maintenance.

Kitty Cut Variations

Kitty Cut Variations

While the classic kitty cut falls around the collarbone, it can also be a long bob. Opt for a shorter or longer version, depending on your client’s preference. Additionally, you can customize the layers to achieve specific looks for your clients. Add shorter layers throughout the hair for a bold, edgy look. Or, for a subtler approach, focus the layers on the ends.

This cut also has diverse styling options. Embrace your client’s natural waves, or create beachy waves with a curling iron. Braids and updos work beautifully with the kitty cut, further showcasing its adaptability. Whether your client prefers a polished blowout or a carefree, textured style, the kitty cut offers endless possibilities to suit their taste.

Styling a Kitty Cut 

Transform a freshly washed kitty cut into a sleek style with a basic blowout. After applying a heat protectant to towel-dried hair, begin by rough drying it on medium heat until about 80 percent dry. Use a round brush to shape the ends, smoothing and directing them inward for natural-looking volume or outward for a bolder statement. Gently curl curtain bangs under or away from the face using the round brush, or opt for a softer touch by finger curling them while drying. 

Amplify the kitty cut’s inherent texture for a casual and effortless vibe. After towel-drying, consider using texturizing sprays or mousses to boost volume and definition. Scrunch the product into the mid-lengths and ends for a lived-in, tousled look. If your client has curly hair, embrace their natural texture by skipping the scrunching and instead utilizing your blow dryer’s diffuser attachment. This attachment helps enhance curls without creating frizz, allowing natural beauty to shine through.

Styling Products 

Professional hair styling products enhance any kitty cut. Choosing the right products depends on your client’s hair type and desired outcome. For example, volumizing mousse is the secret to boosting fine hair. For curly hair, a curl-defining cream helps combat frizz and enhance definition. Finish the look with a salon hairspray so the style lasts all day. As a stylist, you can help your clients choose the products that best suit their needs. 

Maintaining a Kitty Cut

One of the biggest perks of the kitty cut is its low-maintenance nature. Regular trims every few months are recommended to maintain the shape and prevent split ends. However, your clients won’t need to book frequent visits to the salon to keep their styles looking fresh. Basic hair care practices like regular cleansing and conditioning are still crucial for maintaining healthy, vibrant hair, but styling this cut doesn’t require elaborate routines.

From Tabby to Trendy

From Tabby to Trendy

The kitty cut reigns supreme as 2024’s hottest haircut, captivating hearts with its versatility and effortless elegance. This feline-inspired style offers a softer, more polished alternative to other trendy cuts, making it ideal for various hair types, textures and face shapes. And its low-maintenance nature and endless styling possibilities ensure your clients will look and feel their best with minimal effort. Embrace the roar of the kitty cut and help your clients embark on a confident and stylish journey!


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