Holi is here! Are you ready for some Fun?

Holi  the festival of colors is just round the corner. Celebrated with much joy and verve, the story behind this festival heads back to the days when Gods are believed to have treaded on Earth. No matter, what the folklore says, this day dawns with the promise of lots of happiness and brings with it an air of celebration.

So, if you are all set to celebrate this wonderful festival, here are a few tips that will help you to enjoy it even more.

Go Organic with Colors


Not all the colors that you buy from the shops are safe for you. Many of these colors contain harmful chemicals which can harm your skin and even hurt your eyes. The best bet is to make use of organic colors. You can actually make your own colors at home using turmeric, petals of rose and hibiscus, beetroot and henna powder. These are extremely safe and the best choice. Of course, you can also buy organic colors from the shops, but make sure that you buy these from reputed color dealers.

Dress Up in Style

Since Holi is all about colors, it is best to dress up in white clothes to celebrate it. After all, the colors would stand out best when they have a white background. You can also opt for floral prints for this colorful day. However, make sure that you wear some old clothes as you won’t be able to use them again after Holi. Try not to wear too dark clothes as these would not be able to reflect the Holi colors well.

Avoid Hair Woes


The colors, if they get into the roots of the hair can be hard to clean and can even cause damage to the hair. Make sure, that you oil your hair with a generous helping of coconut oil. Then style your hair any way you like. You can plait your hair or pull them into a simple bun. You can ever try a French knot. Don’t leave your hair open as this would make them dry and coarse along with being infested by the Holi colors.

Color your Nails

Apply a thick coat of nail paint to your nails. Opt for some fabulous and colorful nail art that will signify the essence of the festival and at the same time will also protect your nails from the colors. A multicolored hue for the nails is the best choice for Holi.

Right Foot Forward

Holi is the time of utmost merriment and celebration. You would be dancing to your favorite tunes and may even need to run around to save yourself from being hit by the color missiles. Thus, high heels are a big no-no for this festival. It would be a good idea to dress your feet in colored flip flops or rubber sandals as these would not get spoiled when someone throws water on you or when you walk in water. These would also protect you from slipping.


Well, don’t avoid making up your face before treading out to play Holi. A layer of foundation, compact and concealer will actually protect your skin from the colors. Pay special attention to your eyes as these are what will remain bright, even when you are completely bathed in color. And don’t forget to smear on a thick layer of waterproof sunscreen. You don’t want to get tanned or get a sun burn by soaking up all the sun.

Watch those Eyes

While playing with colors, try to shield your eyes from any kind of color or colored water getting into them. In case, any color does go into your eyes, make sure to wash them with clean water immediately.

Holi is the time to make merry and enjoy with your friends. With these tips, go ahead and make the most of the festival of colors this year.


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