25 Stunning V French Tip Nails Designs for Inspiration

Different nail crazes and styles and tips have been popping up all over, and on social media platforms like Instagram. Currently, one of the biggest crazes is V French tip nails. Say hello to the new era of nail art with stunning V French nails tips. This chic nail look is popping in all types and design aesthetics.

The versions of V-shaped French manicure designs have been seen mostly in almond shapes, mostly going for a subtle, softer color and look. Besides, the V coffin-shaped options are also perfect and widespread. Additionally, some are even more colorful and unique. Are you ready to get your nails done V French way? You’re in luck because here in this article are some stunning inspirational V french manicure ideas you can try.

1. Go for a Classic Nostalgia, the V French Tip Nails Short

V French Tip Nails Short
V French Tip Nails Short

V French tip short nails have taken a twist from its classic style and colors. Here, as you can see in this photo, the short V nail is “blinged” up in mixed colors of soft pink and white added with studs of cute nail stickers. If you want to go for a subtle, classic, but still trendy V French nail look here is one that you should give a go! You can choose your own colors and palettes that you want. Go mix and match soft, light tones to get this classic, short V nail look a sophisticated, subtle twist.

2. Longer, more Glamorous? Go for the Modern V French Tip Nails Coffin Shaped

Modern V French Tip Nails Coffin Shaped

Here is one for those with a more glamorous and chic nail aesthetic. This design is bolder and a bit fiercer than the first design. Also, this design is definitely an eye-catcher, has more to it. Go for colors that are still on the lighter, softer tone, and mix it up with glittered designs that can match the color of your choice. This is still a sophisticated and glam statement. Indeed, the modern V French tip nails coffin-shaped design is definitely a good go for anyone who wants more “sparkle” and more bling.

3. Here is one for those who can’t make up their minds whether to go lighter or darker. Mix them both!

Any color can be mixed up nowadays, and it is actually a booming trend. This is a modern French, but only less sparkly, subtler and simple but has an added pop thanks to the black v french tip mixed with the soft pink color of the nails. This is definitely chic in addition it can go with any style that you have in mind.

Another, perfect V French nail design that blends black and silver glitter is V French tip nails. In fact, the design is so elegant, also I love the black net over the accent index nail.

4. Want More? Accessorized V French Tip Nails Coffin Shaped!

V French Tip Nails Coffin

This is really far from the shorter, awesome two different shades of V French tip pink nails with sparkle nails. This look is more glammed up, shinier, and has more color and life to it. For those who want their nails to represent their unique style, here is one that would be perfect for you! Different colors on each nail, a new combination for each, is definitely a standout nail masterpiece.

5. Go Fiercer and Go Longer!

Want to go for unique mixes? Just look at this and be inspired to give it a go! Nail extensions are in right now, and so are unique color combos! Whether you choose to grow your nails naturally long or choose to go for nail extensions, this look will truly complete the overall look and pop of your nails! If you want to go for a fierce, chic look, try these lengthy V French tip red nails set!

6. Colors, colors, and more colors! V French Tip Coffin Nails in different colors and added with patterns

V French Tip Coffin Nails

The sky’s the limit with what nail aesthetic you would want to get. Also, you can go for more color and even add patterns and cool designs for your look! As you can see, it is still subtle but more colorful, prettier too! If fun, cute, and colorful nails are what you are going for, these designs are really worth trying!

7. The sharp, art inspired V French Tip Nails

V French Tip Nails

Are you creative and want your nails to be just like you? Definitely possible! This look is simple, but the nail shape is sharper and longer. For added sophistication and bling, add some studs to go along with it! This nail design is truly aesthetic and glam with its simple nail tips color combination in matching nude nail colors.

8. Simplicity is beauty—nude and bright color combination of V French nails

If you wish to stick to natural tones for your nails but want something bright for your tips, it can definitely be done. Still, this nail look is as well on trend nowadays. Match any bright color such as yellow for your nail tips with a nude, softer tone, a more natural color for your nails.

9. Striking, more glitz and glam, go Extra French!

In fact, these new patterns, and new ways to accessorize and amp up the nail design are a growing trend. Extra French refers to V shape nail designs, which are a total stand-out, a fresher, trendier aesthetic. Despite being too “extra,” this nail design still assures the right balance between glam and subtleness.

10. V French Nails Tie-dyes and color combinations

If you are in the mood for sweet and soft nails, florals, soft pinks, and whites go quite perfectly well together! You will definitely get the right touch of soft and glam. An additional tip to get a more modern touch, besides keeping your nails short, and tips looking extra thin. Still floral and pinks are the right combos for a delicate and softer nail that you might want to go for.

12. Soft Palettes that are perfect for casual looks and street fashion and look!

Of course, you can’t go wrong with choosing softer palettes like nude colors, soft blues, pinks, etc. This doesn’t only look good but goes well, too, with any look that you want to rock. As well, colors like these above can go well with anything you wear, and won’t clash with the clothing you choose.

13. Gorgeous Valentine Red V French Nails Set

Gorgeous Valentine Red V French Nails Set

This Red V French nail set is a beautiful valentines day nails choice and will give you a mesmerizing look with your lover.

14. Perfect Black V French Coffin Nails with Teal Glitter On Tips

Teal glitter over black v French tips in ombre style makes this nail art design rock. Moreover, this nail set can boost your style and mood.

15. Cute White V French Tip Nails with Rhinestones

This white V French tip nails with nude base color and some colorful rhinestones is a fascinating nail art design that, every girl loves to wear.

16. Stunning Double V French Tip Nails with Hearts

Lovely nail art design depends on fascinating details and this one has double V French tip nails which, are white and gold glitter in addition to the perfect white hearts over the nude pink base color shade.

17. Gold Metallic V French Tip Nails

Start with a matte nude color base then apply the gold metallic tips. These chic V French tip nails are specifically for high taster women and will give you a royal appearance.

18. Neon Yellow V French Tip Nails

Of course, yellow neon nails are a perfect choice for summer. The above nail art design is adorned with rhinestones on the accent nail, besides the accent sugar style nail.

19. Shimmer White V French Tip Nails

Another stunning V French tip nail with a matte nude-colored base and shimmery white tips. Of course, this nail art design will elevate your entire look.

20. Long Glossy V French Tip Nails with Confetti Glitter

Of course, those are unique nails with beautiful candy shades. As you see the beauty of the purple nails between V French nails and the accent one with a white heart shape. Also, the two accents of white V French tip nails add more elegance to the design.

21. White Matte Stiletto V Tip Nails

Whatever your personal style is, there’s a V French tip nail design for you. So, if you a fan of stiletto-shaped nails these white v french nails are for you. Aside from its versatility, V French tips are also great for combining with other kinds of nail art such as snowflakes nail art.

22. Extra Long Matte Pastel Mint Green V French Tip Coffin Nails

This stunning design is made with two shades of silver glitter and matte pastel mint green. Indeed, the V shape gives your manicure a sexy look. While most French designs are quite simple, the nuances of this trend make them stand out.

23. Red Stiletto V French Manicure

Red. This color symbolizes love. Besides, it comes in many shades that can be highlighted with a nude, white, or clear base coat. So, the blending of the red and nude base color is a daring combination that will surely catch the attention of other people.

24. White and Gold Glitter V French Nails


White and Gold Glitter V French Nails
White and Gold Glitter V French Nails

Glitter is a great method to add some shine to your fingernails. But there are many women who are hesitant to use glitter as it could appear unprofessional if it is not done correctly. But white and gold glitter is a great option for any shape or length of nail however the longer the more appealing. Indeed, this manicure idea is enjoyable elegant, feminine, and elegant.

25. Classy Red V Tip Nails

Red is a color that is known for its love, passion, and seduction. Also, it’s the perfect accent for your manicure. It is a sure method to draw attention to your fingernails. Also, it is possible to put rhinestones on your nails to give them a more delicate appearance. Additionally, you could apply the red nail polish shade with matching lipstick to create an attractive appearance.


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