Great Makeup Ideas for the Gypsy Look

Who can forget that gypsy woman at the carnival who swore that she could tell you your future by looking at that glass ball or a bowl of water? The mystique that hung over and around these gypsies can be mesmerizing. Equally attractive and beautiful is the makeup and the clothes they don.

So, if you have been awed by the gypsy look and would like to try it out for the next costume party or any other social do, you can do it without the help of a professional makeup artist. Don’t know how. Take a look at these makeup ideas that can make you look like a gypsy within no time.

Makeup Ideas for the Gypsy Look       

Starting with the Base

To start with, you need to create a flawless base on which you can apply the makeup. So, go ahead and dab on some foundation on to your skin. However, the foundation you generally use would not do. Gypsies have a tanned look and you need to get that by applying a foundation that is darker than your skin tone. Don’t forget to dab on some of the foundation to the other exposed areas of your body to get a consistent look. Add on some primer and then cover up the blemishes with some concealer.

Mystifying the Eyes

It is the eyes of the gypsies that have the most mysterious and hypnotizing look. To attain this, what you need is a smoky look for your eyes. Mix up some gold, bronze and black eye shadows together to get the perfect smoky eyes. Using kohl, line both the upper and the lower lid of your eyes and then accentuate them with a winged look which can be drawn using a black eye liner. Don’t forget to dab on some mascara on to your eye lashes. You can add to the mysterious look with some false lashes.

Getting Cheeky

To get that natural glow that gypsies have on their faces, start by using a highlighter on your cheek bones, nose and the brow bones. Once this is done, opt for a peach or rose blush and apply this using a brush to your cheeks. Start from your cheekbones and work your way towards the ears.

Lips Say it All

When it comes to the gypsy look, the lips have to be very vibrant. So, opting for some bright shades of red, orange, purple etc would do the trick. Using a lip brush dab, dab the color on to your lips. Add on a coat of transparent gloss to give them a luscious look.

Adding the Finishing Touch

Once you are done with the makeup, you need to add in a few extras to get the perfect gypsy look. Get some small stones and stick them to the corner of your eyes or your chin. Using an eyebrow pencil or kohl, design some tattoos on your neck and arms. Add on a beauty spot near your lips to accentuate the sexy look.

Styling the Hair

The hair of the gypsies is generally very curly or wavy. So, if you don’t have such hair, using a curler would help you get them all curled up. Let your hair lose and then tie a scarf at the crown of your head in such a way that your hair flow down from under the scarf. Make sure to pull them around your face.

A Touch of Fragrance

What you need to complete the look is a dash of earthy aroma to envelope you. Choose from some oriental fragrances like floral, sandalwood or musk. Just a little dab of this would do.

Wearing some huge ear rings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets will complete the look. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out the perfect gypsy look at the next dress up party.


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