Your overall well being depends on the proper functioning of all the parts of your body. Health experts and doctors recommend that a healthy and balanced diet ensures you to stay fit. This means that you need to make it a point to consume all the essential nutrients in the right amount. However, there is one thing which can actually help your body in more ways than you can imagine. Wondering what it could be? Well, it is a lemon.

Since time immemorial, lemon had been used to cure various ailments and problems. The reason behind this is its amazing healing powers. You can consume lemon by making lemonade or adding it to your food and every day diet.

Here are 7 ways in which lemon can improve your well being.

7 Amazing Ways Lemon Improves your Well Being

1, Cures Abdominal Troubles

It is a proven fact that any problem that affects the abdominal cavity has an adverse effect on our overall well being. However, lemon is extremely beneficial in resolving all such problems, be it indigestion or constipation. Lemon acts as a cleanser and rids your body off all the unwanted toxins. Consuming lemon water every day is the best way to ensure that your abdominal tract remains in the best condition. It is totally up to you how you want to have it. You can have it either with warm or cold water, or with sugar or salt.

2, Stimulates Weight Loss

Excessive body weight is the main culprit that causes a number of disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. These in turn can lead to adverse conditions such as cardiac arrest, kidney failure and stroke. Drinking lemon juice on empty stomach can actually help in dissolving excessive fat and stimulating weight loss. Extract the juice of a lemon. Add a glass of lukewarm water to it. Flavor it with a teaspoon of honey. Following this regimen everyday will help in losing excess weight. Of course, this needs to be complemented with a healthy diet and exercise.

3, Maintains the pH Level of your body

pH level refers to the balance of the acidic and alkaline levels in the body. Any disparity in the balance can actually cause various health issues. Though lemon juice contains high dose of Citric acid, it is alkaline in nature. Thus, consuming lemon can actually help in balancing the pH level of the body. This in turn protects your body from falling prey to various diseases like cancer, fatigue, heart diseases etc.

4, Boosts Immunity

Other than being a rich source of Vitamin C, lemon is also rich in beta cryptoxanthin. This is considered to be a disease fighting agent. Including lemon in your daily diet will enhance your body’s power of fighting diseases and boost its immunity.

5, Absorbs Antioxidants

Free radicals are induced into your body through the food you eat, water you drink and the air you breathe. These free radicals when left unchecked can be a serious threat to your health and can cause diseases like cancer. Your body requires antioxidants that come in handy in keeping these free radicals under check. The juice of lemon helps in absorbing the antioxidants present in the food that you eat. This in turn ensures your well being.

6, Reduces Inflammatory Problems

The antiseptic properties present in lemon ensure that your body is not affected by any kinds of inflammatory problems. Thus whether it is controlling infections or reducing the risk of inflammation, lemon proves to be beneficial.

7, Prevents Kidney Stones

The high dose of citric acid in lemon does not allow the formation or clumping of tiny crystals in the urine and thus prevents kidney stone. In people who are already suffering from the problem, consuming lemon helps in slowing down the process of stone formation and thus ensures quicker recovery.

Including lemon in your diet in one form or the other is definitely a good idea. It not only enhances your health but also keeps your skin glowing and your hair healthy. This is also an added assurance that you would not fall prey to disorders caused by Vitamin C deficiency.


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