Ideas for painting your nails: the art of decorating your hands

The hands have become the center of attention in make-up and the options to beautify them multiply. Nail art, products, colors and more.

Nail art or “nail art” is a trend that emerged in the 80s in New York and has returned with everything in recent years. The images of the decorated nails of influencers from around the world are filled with “likes” on social networks and fashion is followed by millions of women around the planet. We share some ideas to paint your nails and get on the trend.

Although adolescents and young women are the ones who innovate the most in colors and designs, there are alternatives for all ages and styles. There are options for those who love to see a more traditional look on their hands and variants for those who want to give free rein to their imagination and decorate their hands with a certain audacity.

In turn, although many prefer to go to a beauty salon or nail art shop so that their hands are impeccable, nail decoration can also be done at home with the right elements.

Nail painting ideas: nail art designs

There are many ways to paint the nails in this art. Everything is allowed, although it is key to respect good taste, since a bad manicure can ruin a complete look. The most famous nail designs are:

  • French nail art : The “French” is still one of the most requested designs. But it no longer has to be quasi-monochromatic (white with milky way). The tips of the nails are also painted in colors, gold or silver. And the inverted French is very visible, which is achieved by painting the lunula in one color and the rest of the nail in another.

French nail art

  • Caviar nails: They are one of the must of nail art. Caviar are tiny balls, like tubes but round in shape, which give a super sophisticated look. With this topping you can achieve different designs.
  • Glitter & confetti nail: The main idea is that it provides a glittery and glamorous effect. Glitter toppings of all colors are used. There are also glitters already assembled in the graffiti style that are dreamed of.
  • Velvet nail: An effect of softness and small “hairs” is achieved, causing a texture on the nail. The glaze gives a velvet effect.

Velvet nail

  • Animal print : Whether it’s leopard, zebra, or tiger, animal print also revolutionizes the world of manicure and looks super cool.
  • Striped: Another of the most used designs is that of stripes. Striking, combining colors and stripes.
  • Floral: They always look good, they can be white or in different colors. It can be used only on one nail or on all of them.
  • Geometry: Geometric figures are a trend in nail design. Triangles, rhombuses, etc.
  • Combined nails: It is one of the most seen. A color is chosen – with or without design – on all the nails, except for one nail on each hand – usually the ring finger – which is painted a different color.
  • Chrome or mirror: It is created by applying a super fine powder on the enamel, called “chrome mirror powder”. It can be done on any color. They look divine on white, blue, silver, gold or black.

sculptured nails

Always impeccable and “almost” unbreakable, sculpted nails are gaining more and more followers. Artificial Nails, False Nails, Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, Sculptured Nails, and Porcelain Nails: There are many techniques for sculpting (gluing an artificial material onto the natural nail), but not all of them are safe. Some products used can be highly toxic and very aggressive for the nails.

The materials to sculpt the nails are:

  • Acrylic: it is a rather hard material, not very flexible, which can break more easily. But the advantage is that you can file them at home. It dries instantly, in contact with the air, mixing a liquid (monomer) and a powder (polymer). They are made by polishing the natural nail and then using acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. With this technique, the manicure lasts between 15 to 20 days, always depending on their growth.


  • Gel: they have a permanent shine and are more flexible than the previous ones. They have a more natural appearance due to their transparency, which makes them go unnoticed by the naked eye. Enamel is optional. It is not convenient to file them at home, since they lose the seal. They harden only by introducing the nails in a UV ray cabin. This enamel is more durable.
  • There are also combinations of the two systems: acrylic nails are built, then a small layer of gel is placed and introduced into the cabin. In many places they are called porcelain nails.

Ideas to beautify your nails

To be able to achieve designer nails, you must have several elements:

  • Oil and cuticle remover: Before starting the beauty operation, it is necessary to have the manicure done impeccably, so the cuticles must be very well cared for. To forget about hangnails and dryness, the important thing is to apply an oil and cuticle remover.
  • Nail clippers and file: it is important to cut the nails before painting them. We must give them the length we want, while with the file we achieve the shape -square or round- that is desired.
  • Nail hardener:  when it comes to beauty of hands, there is nothing worse than breaking a nail, since that can ruin the entire manicure. To avoid this, the best thing is a nail hardener. If, in addition to hardening, it nourishes, much better: it is an ideal way to keep them healthy and strong.
  • Base enamel: Now the good part begins and for this we must apply a base nail enamel, one or two layers, in order to keep the color in place and for longer. This step is very important because it can make a difference in the duration of your nail art.
  • Brushes: Although each enamel comes with a brush to paint, a good brush is a thousand times better, even if you have a good hand. Especially to make “French” nails, both the classic ones and the most modern ones that combine colors.
  • Toppings: Many textures are used on the nails and one of the favorite toppings of lovers of this art is caviar. They can also be rhinestones, glitter, rhinestones, nail stamps, mermaid tails, etc. They are divine and there is a wide variety of enamels on the market ready to be applied on top of a top coat.
  • Dotting tool: It is one of the most important tools, it is a must for nail art. It is essential to make almost all designs. But to be able to play with your creativity, it is best to have several of different head thicknesses.
  • Drying drops: One of the most boring things that women go through is when they have to wait for the polish to dry. Now there are the drying drops, the best ones are those that have a drip applicator.
  • Express nail polish remover : One of the best inventions that manicure has are express acetone solvents. We will no longer have to use almost half a cotton bag to unpaint the nails, with these bottles you just have to put your finger inside and the nail will be unpainted instantly.

How to paint your nails

To know how to paint easy and beautiful nails, you just have to follow some tips.

  • To prevent the tips of your nails from chipping, use two coats of polish. The first only on the upper half and once dry, a second coat is given, but this time on the entire nail.
  • Use white nail polish as a base to make the colors pop more. And then paint your nails with the desired color.
  • A good idea is to use eyelets as a guide to paint your half moon nail designs.
  • Paint with two tones with masking tape. Put the lightest polish on all your nails. Let it dry and then stick the tape in the shape of the chosen design. Take the darker color and paint your nails with it, let it dry and gently remove the tape.


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