5 Best Pieces That Say “Modern Vintage”

The vintage fashion trend has become popular over the past few years. From lapels on jackets to colorful prints, we have enjoyed the style from history. Celebrities have also inspired us, sharing confidence in wearing the unusual vintage couture. 

Apart from being sentimental, many have seen the trend’s creativity with modernism. Designers gave touches to pieces that marked our generation’s distinct taste. Graphic shirts of rock bands are now replaced and printed with new wave artists. Some high-end pieces have also changed palettes that resemble the vibrant 90s. 

To up your modern-vintage game, there are key pieces that you’ll need to invest in. Some may be found in vintage stores, while some can be bought in your favorite shop. So, what are these wardrobe add-ons that you’ll need? Let’s find out. 

1. A Contemporary Timepiece

Nothing gives a better fashion statement than a watch. A watch is a vital accessory because of its aesthetics and functions. It also gives an impression of one’s lifestyle and attitude towards time management. 

Investing in modern-vintage watches from the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection is your best bet. The collection offers sleek elements, with refined complications on the faces. Throw in your best Jane Birkin-inspired fit with one of these models and you’re good to go. 

2. A Vibrant Set of Skirts/Shorts

Ladies, it’s about time to replace those denim jeans and put on something light. A modern-vintage look wouldn’t be complete without colors in your whole theme! So, investing in a few pairs of colored shorts or skirts can deal with you better. 

Summer is also right around the corner, and the beach is probably number one on your list. Also, you wouldn’t want to hide every inch of your skin from the heat of the sun. There are pieces from fast-fashion retailers like H&M and Forever 21. Their pieces are cheaper than the usual concept brands releases you find in malls. 

3. A Slip-On Formal

Some vintage styles are uptight on the dress code, but a little bit of innovation won’t offend some critics. In this modern age of style, self-expression is a vital piece. This is why crossovers of various pieces can be found everywhere in the world of fashion. 

Kimonos have become casual jackets and cargo pants served more than its purpose. But one thing piece that made its way into gentrified fashion are the mules. 

Mules are one of the many innovative footwear ever created. These closed-toe slip-ons can dictate your look from casual to formal. You can even wear these at work and look sophistically comfortable. 

4. Plains and Prints

Modern-vintage is a mix of fabric choices and color palettes. Vintage remakes like satin crop-tops and windbreakers are a few to look at. You’d notice that these have a resemblance to original cut-and-sews back in the old days. And the color, respectively, changes according to what’s trending.

Vintage graphic shirts are also one of the best things that vintage had brought today. Streetwear enthusiasts are fond of this type of shirt. Their difference from the other pieces is the ruggedness from the distressed fabric. And fortunately, you can find these bad boys in any thrift store. 

5. Leather Upgrade

Belts, shoes, and bags are key pieces in an outfit. Without these, it is hard to identify casual from formal, or office from home looks. A modern-vintage look is approached by sophistication, as seen from materials. This sophistication is also paired with design, which comes from an artist’s aesthetic. 

This is where leather comes into play. As a distinct material in fashion, leather also serves as premium collections. Back in the day, leather was big among the rich, skyrocketing its value in the market. This influence pushed a dedicated spot for vintage style. 


The constant change in fashion trends plays an important role in society. It helps us boost our confidence, amid the various crisis happening. It unites us, and it takes away our world from dullness. 

With modern-vintage as a consistent trend, more styles will be created and reminisced. The best advantage with this is that its style is somehow easy to predict, with vintage as its partner. So, the next time you’ll need to add some things to your wardrobe, these pieces above will surely make you happy. 


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