Find a Chain with the Ultimate Bling

If you’re considering investing in your first chain, congratulations, you’re making big moves. But you want to make sure that your first chain is really something special and unique. You want your first chain to make a big impression.

Or maybe you have a bunch of different chains already, and you’re looking for one to complete your collection. You need a chain that does more than any chain you have ever had before. You need to find yourself a chain that has the ultimate bling.

Here’s how you can find what you need to get yourself a few new iced-out chains.

Pick Your Metal

The first thing you need to do in creating your ultimate blinged-out new chain is to decide what metal you want your chain to be made out of. This step is important because the metal of your chain is what makes up most of it, so make sure you pick one that you love.

Here are some of the different metals you have to choose from.

Classic Yellow Gold

The classic staple of chains everywhere, yellow gold is what you think when you first think of a chain. 

Gold has been valued as a precious metal since ancient civilizations, which is why everyone loves it so much. It has a bright, shiny appearance and eyecatching.

Yellow gold is the quintessential standard of chain necklaces. It looks rich and regal. If you want to go with a classic, then you definitely want to start off with a yellow gold chain.

White Gold

If you want to go just a bit more out of the box and unique without straying too far from the traditional, try out a white gold chain.

White gold has a clean appearance that looks good on everyone and offers a bit more neutral undertones when compared to the classic yellow gold. 

If you want to go a route that’s just slightly different from the original yellow gold but still offers you the chance to claim you have a gold chain, white gold is the new classic you want to pick for your chain.


If you want to really go against the grain and try something really outside of the box, go for silver. 

This offers a cool-toned classic and can be great for those of us who just want something different from the regular gold.

What Type of Chain do You Want?

Now that you’ve decided on a metal, you’re going to need to look at what style and knit of chain you want to get. Here are a few of your options when it comes to the type of chain that’s right for you.

Cuban Link

A Cuban link is similar to a classic cable chain in that the individual pieces knit or “link” together in a sort of rope-like pattern. 

The links in this style of chain are oval-shaped, which created a rounded appearance that screams class. A Cuban link is a classic that you can’t go wrong with.

Baguette Chain

A slightly more unique style of chain, the baguette chain is made up of different oblong rectangular pieces that knit together in a sort of zig-zag style.

This type of chain is incredibly different and bold, so if you’re someone who really likes to stand out, go with this one.

Accentuate Your Chain with Diamonds

If you want to create the ultimate blinged-out chain, you have to have diamonds. And you can incorporate those into your chain however you would like.

Go with a diamond prong Cuban chain can add some small diamond-studded power to your chain. If bigger diamonds are more your style, go with a diamond tennis necklace.

Make it Your Own

No matter how you decide to bling out your chain, make it all your own.


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